Introduction & General Information

Karpathos island is a narrow and long island whose northern and southern parts are divided by mountainous spine rising over an altitude of 1,200 meters. Despite its wild beauty, its traditional and unspoiled character, and its magnificent secluded beaches, Karpathos has not yet been invaded by mass tourism and appears like a true paradise.

The south of the island is where the capital (Pigadia) is lying and it is the most modern part of it. This is due to the fact that, after World War II, many locals left because of the ravaged economy and moved mainly to the USA. When their children returned to their native island, they invested a lot in the southern part, where they settled. The northern part has been left as it was and is where visitors will find the most traditional and unspoiled villages, which constitute a great part of the beauty and charm of Karpathos.

Although Karpathos has turned into a tourist resort in these recent years, it is important to stress that it is also an island untouched by the mass of tourists. The residents have managed to keep their customs and traditions alive until today. One of the most famous customs of the island is the Karpathian wedding and the custom efta for the birth of a child.