Karpathos Architecture

Karpathos island is worldwide famous for its unique landscape and traditional features. The island has many villages built on the mountain slopes where the age-old traditions and the rich architecture are kept alive. Here, the visitor will experience incredible sceneries, high and rugged mountains, caves, valleys and beaches that compose a unique setting for the summer vacation.

The traditional architecture of Karpathos is influenced by the style of the neighboring islands and the coexistence of the Aegean and Venetian characteristics that create a beautiful harmony. Traces of this varied architecture can be seen in the capital starting from the mansions and whitewashed houses that embellish the town and the surrounding villages. Aperi, the old capital of Karpathos, is a village known for its impressive layout with the tiled roofs, courtyards, flourishing gardens, and nice decoration. It was built during the medieval times when locals moved there from the coasts seeking protection from the pirates' invasions.

The most genuine medieval settlement in Karpathos Greece is Olympos, famous for its architectural brilliance. The defensive character of the village retains intact until this day keeping the tourist interest high. Olympos developed its own tradition, being completely isolated from the rest of the island with a characteristic architecture and unspoiled nature.

The rest of the island preserves its traditional character with simple houses, following the needs of the locals for survival and the small cubic houses painted in bright colors. All the houses in Karpathos are decorated with the precious embroideries expressing the traditional Karpathian art. The most impressive building in the town is the Province House in Pigadia which blends the traditional and modern style.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.