Karpathos Geography

The island of Karpathos is part of the Dodecanese group, which is located on the southeastern side of the Aegean Sea. Karpathos lies between Crete and Rhodes. It is the second largest island of the Dodecanese, with a total area of appreciatively 301 sq km, a shoreline of about 160 km and a length of 49 km. This is a narrow and oblong island, with a maximum width reaching 11 km and a minimum width of 3,3 km. Many traces of local history are spread around the island, such as towers and castle remains.

Its northern and southern parts are separated by the highest peak of Karpathos island (Mount Kali Limni), rising at an altitude of 1,215 meters. Its other high peaks are Mount Profitis Ilias (1168 meters) and Mount Lastos (975 meters).

The geography of Karpathos is unique in Greece, with huge mountains and impressive spots. All the mountains of Karpathos are full of verdant pines and picturesque villages such as Lefkos, Mesohori, Olymbos, Tristomo, and Finiki. The seashores of the island are embroidered and its coastlines are hiding secluded coves and beaches with white sand and azure or emerald waters.

Kyra Panagia, Ambela (or Apella) and Achata are some of those wonderful beaches which are embellishing the island, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Crete. The capital of Karpathos is Pigadia, which is also the main (natural) port of the island and is located in the southern part, on the eastern coast. Karpathos has a population of about 6,630 inhabitants.

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