Karpathos Map

Karpathos is the second largest of the Dodecanese islands and lies along the western coasts of Turkey. The island has an astonishing alternation of landscapes, wild scenery and spectacular views to the sea and is ideal for quiet vacation. It is characterized by the high mountain tops, the verdant forests and the beautiful bays. Small coves and caves complete the charming scenery of Karpathos. The island is blessed with a unique environment that consists of countless natural trail paths and green areas.

Among the few traditional settlements of Karpathos, of high interest is Olymbos for its outstanding beauty, the wild scenery, and the unspoiled architecture. The beautifully preserved village is a sightseeing itself, featuring a collection of beautiful houses and picturesque streets. Karpathos has countless attractions.

This section proposes a map of Karpathos with all the major locations of the island.

Meanwhile, view a map of Karpathos and where is Karpathos.

Map Of Karpathos