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Location: Fanes

Rhodes Kitesurf center Meltemi at Delfini is located in the lush green gardens of the Delfini Hotel in Fanes and is only meters from the water's edge with spectacular sunset views and traditional Greek cuisine served nightly and the option of single or double rooms.

Meltemi's pleasure is making your holiday one to remember! Kitesurfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Its excitement, color, sense of freedom and ease of learning and progression makes kitesurfing a must sport. Feeling the rush of your first jump and getting some incredible airtime doesn't take years- it can happen in weeks! Of course, you can only get to this level by taking lessons from a professional instructor.

Kiteboarding's not dangerous if you familiarize yourself with the safety aspects, which is why lessons are very important. They teach you all aspects of kitesurfing, which also includes learning about the wind and surf conditions as well as self-rescue and of course how to kitesurf. Rhodes Kitesurf Meltemi at Delfini offers you safe instruction from IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified instructors on a beautiful long stretch of private sandy beach (most beaches in Rhodes are stones) with ideal water temperature and side shore wind conditions which suit both beginners to advanced riders. This makes the spot one of the best in the world!

Should you find the sport too challenging, don't worry - they have a boat ready on the beach in case of any trouble. Safety is always first!
• Step 1 – 'Kite pilot' on the beach. This important first step is the fastest and safest way to learn and develop solid kite flying skills before you attempt to use a board. 80% of kitesurfing is kite control.
• Step 2 – 'Body drag' in the water. This is the session that every new kitesurfer gets hooked onto the sport of kitesurfing with and is designed to help you gain the confidence you need to fly the kite in the water, using the safety system and learning the skill of self-rescue.
• Step 3 – 'Board rider' on the water. Now that you can pilot a full-size kite in the water with safe confident control, you are ready to progress to the board. In this lesson, you will feel what it's like to ride safely and successfully on your own. 

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