Skydiving in Greece is a once in a lifetime experience!

Skydiving has become very popular over the last couple of decades among both locals and tourists. Skydiving centers in Greece are found in the mainland, close to the two largest cities in Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki, while there aren’t any skydiving centers in the Greek islands.

Greece skydiving centers offer both tandem jumps (one-time skydiving experience attached to the instructor) and skydive training courses for those who wish to become skydiving instructors!

SkyDive Athens
SkyDive Athens opened in autumn 2014 and is the only skydiving center in Greece that operates every day all year round, flying an 18-seated turbine aircraft to 14000ft (4200m) in only 10 minutes. Their base is found in the region of Kastro, central Greece, which is easy to reach from Athens by car or by public bus in about 90 minutes. Try a tandem jump and live the thrill of skydiving in sunny and warm Greece!
The passenger exits the plane at an altitude of 4200m (14000ft) while safely attached to our experienced tandem master with a special harness. In order to relive the experience, SkyDive Athens offers 2 different video and photos options: one option from the handy-cam on the instructor's wrist or a freefall cameraman. You will take the videos and photos with you on a USB.
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Skydive Greece
Skydive Greece proposes Tandem skydiving from 3500m in Athens.
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Hellenic Skydive
Skydive Greece proposes Tandem skydiving from 3500m in Thessaloniki.
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