Lemnos is a large island in North Eastern Aegean, located between Lesvos and Thassos. Due to the large distance from Athens, Lemnos island has not developed in tourism and remains a secluded place even in high season. The island distinguishes for the wild mountainous geology and the large sandy beaches all around the coastline. Far from Myrina and Plati, the main tourist places of Lemnos Greece, these sandy beaches are almost vast and ideal for total privacy. Some of them are great for windsurfing, a sports that is gradually developing on the island over the last years. Important sightseeings to visit during your Lemnos holidays are the Medieval Castle of Myrina, Ancient Poliochni, Ancient Kavirio and the legandary cave of Philoctetes.


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A large island totally off the beaten track, Lemnos in Greece surprises visitors with the deserted beaches, the mountainous villages and the interesting archaeological sites. Mythology says that Lemnos was the island where god Hephaestus had his copper workshop. This is why a town called Ifestia was constructed on the island to his honor. Lemnos is a fantastic place for totally private holidays and relaxation. Beaches are vast and have gorgeous sand and crystal water. The eastern side is getting popular among windsurfers.

The island of Lemnos is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Eastern Aegean islands group. There are many interesting sightseeings around Lemnos island, a place with long history and strong references in the Greek mythology. In fact, the myth says that this was the island where god Hephaestus had his copper workroom, which is why there was an ancient town dedicated to his honor, Ifestia. Also you will find the oldest town in Europe, Ancient Poliochni, that dates from the beginning of the 3rd century BC.

On the north eastern side of Lemnos island, there is the Ancient Kavirio, a place strongly connected to secret religious ceremonies and right below Kavirio there is the Cave of Philoctetes, the legendary hero who was abandoned there on the way to Troy. Very interesting is also the Medieval Castle on the hill above Myrina, the capital of the island. Holidays in Lemnos is a perfect experience for total relaxation. However, there are many things to do, including windsurfing and hiking.

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