Lemnos Villages

Myrina, the capital town of Lemnos, has been built around a large port. It stands out for its Venetian Castle, the lovely waterfront and the beautiful beaches close to the city center. Another picturesque village is Moudros, while many other small settlements can be seen along the island of Lemnos.
Some hotels and accommodation are located around these villages.
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Guide to 10 villages

Discover our guide to 10 Lemnos villages. They are all presented with a detailed description, photos and their location on a map of Lemnos. For the most popular ones, we also provide information about sightseeing in the area, a selection of hotels and reviews.

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Location: On the western side of the island
Description: Myrina is the capital and the biggest town of the island. It is known for its nice waterfront, Neoclassical mansions and the strong fortress on top of a hill overlooking the town.
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Location: 2 km south of Myrina
Description: This small and beautiful village is mostly famous for its beach. There are some taverns and tourist facilities close to the village.
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Location: 27 km east of Myrina
Description: Moudros is the second biggest town of Lemnos and has a lovely port for fishing boats. Moudros was the base of operation for the Greek fleet in the First World War.
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Location: 4 km south of Myrina
Description: This traditional village is located in close distance to Myrina and Plati. It is surrounded by much greenery and has nice view to the sea.
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Location: 5 km north of Myrina
Description: Kaspakas is a small village built on the slopes of a mountain. It has many traditional, stone built houses and narrow paths to stroll around.
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Location: 18 km north east of Myrina
Description: Katalako is a small mountainous village, with few permanent inhabitants and no tourist facilities.
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Location: 10 km east of Myrina
Description: Kondias is one of the prettiest villages of Lemnos. It has traditional stone houses and the roads are lined with planes and lilac trees.
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Location: 8 km north east of Myrina
Description: This village keeps its traditional architecture, with the stone houses and mansions and the small chapels.
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Location: 25 km north west of Myrina
Description: This is a small village in the centre of the island, close to the airport. It is close to the archaoelogical sites of Ifestia and Kavirio.


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Location: 28 km north east of Myrina
Description: Kondopouli is a beautiful village in close distance to Kavirio and Ifestia, the most important archaeological sites on Lemnos.

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