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Plati village Lemnos: Its breath taking location makes Plati village one of the most beautiful villages of Lemnos. Located only 2 kilometers from Myrina, the village lies on the hill slopes, around the beautiful beach which is famous with various water sports activities.

With soft sand very and crystal clear waters the beach is quite safe for the children. The village offers some dining options along the waterfront and inside the village with a nice variety of delicious meals.

The beach is well organized and tourists also have the option of sailing, with small yachts being provided to visitors. The architecture is constant throughout the village with white washed buildings, complete with red tiled roofs. Also located within the village is a small supermarket as well as a cafe.

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  • paulb 10 Dec 2008
    Check for towns before you book
    Our daughter was working on Lemmnos for the summer, so we went for a visit. It was a very quiet island with little nightlife. As the taxi driver kept telling us, it was very safe. We went only to Plati, where we stayed, and Myrina. There was a good selection of restaurants although many were Italian with some Greek influence. Fish seemed very expensive and was sold by weight, so you didn't really know how much it would cost. Otherwise, prices were very reasonable and portions too large for us, particularly the rice and chips. The transport links were almost non-existanton Lemnos, although taxis were quite reasonable in price. There were only a few main towns on the island, so check before you book.