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Moundros village Lemnos: Moudros is the second biggest town of Lemnos and it counts on 1000 inhabitants. It is located 27 km east of Myrina, the capital of the island. This is the second most important port of Lemnos and one of the safest anchorages of the Aegean. Moudros used to be the first capital of Lemnos. Today, it retains its historical aspects but it is quite developed with plenty of cafes and restaurants lying around the beautiful bay. Its natural beauty and the plethora of local shops compose the idyllic setting of Moudros.

Close to the main beach of Moudros many local festivals take place, especially during the summer season. At the north side of the hill lie the remains of the castle that the Venetians destroyed in 1656. Some of the most important sightseeings in Moudros include the church of Taxiarches and the church of Evagelistria. Many pristine and cosmopolitan beaches are found in the wider region.

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  • rosaff24 03 Jul 2008
    Sardine Festival in August
    Moudros is a small village with a lovely port. Just that. It has nothing special, just a nice port to walk and delicious taverns to eat fish, although fresh fish was a bit expensive. It is much alike Myrina. We were there in August last summer and by chance there was a sardine festival these days. This was worth to take part. Local people were grilling sardines at the square and these were given free to everyone. They indeed tasted delicious and there was a nice smell all around the village. Some local bands were playing traditional music and stands were selling toys to kids. This was a nice experience, to see how festivals are in Greece.