Lemnos Katalako

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General information

Katalako village Lemnos: Katalako is one of the most picturesque villages in Lemnos surrounded by hills. It counts on 100 inhabitants who follow a traditional way of life. It lies 18 km northeast of Myrina, the capital of Lemnos. The village remains untouched by the tourism, retaining its original charm as a typical Greek village. It displays a traditional layout and some picturesque alleys that are worth to walk through.

Agios Modestos is the most important church and the patron saint the village protecting the stock breeders and their cattle.Its name day is celebrated on December 18th where the stock breeders wear white breeches and leather shoes and perform local dances.

Some beautiful beaches known as the Thick Shores are found in close distance from the village. Some other attractions in the village include the Theomitoros Monastery, the ruins of a Byzantine castle and some good fishing spots near the beach.

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