Lemnos Sights & Attractions

Lemnos is an island rich in history and natural beauty. The most special thing about Lemnos island is the strange beaches, vast in size and covered with soft golden sand. Keros, Zematas, Thanos, Agios Ermolaos and Gomati are such fantastic beaches with a desert look. In fact, windsurfing and kite are popular activities at Keros and Zematas. Lemnos is also a place with interesting archaeological sites, dating from the ancient and Medieval times. Worth visiting are the Medieval Castle of Myrina, Ancient Poliochni, Ancient Ifestia and Kavirion with the Cave of Philoctetes. In Greek mythology, Lemnos was a special island as this was the homeland of the Amazons and also the place where god Hephaestus had his workshop.

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