Located on the Eastern Aegean sea, Ikaria is a worldwide famous island, mainly due to the longevity of its inhabitants and the Ikarian diet.

Once you set your foot in Ikaria, you’ll feel like a world away from the mainland! It is the perfect place to recharge, away from the hectic everyday routine. In this island, time seems to slow down and nobody takes life too seriously. Sure enough, the island’s laid-back atmosphere is one of the main reasons why Ikaria is so popular. But not the only one!

Its natural beauty is a standout, too, as the wild beauty of Ikaria Greece is breathtaking. Rocky mountains, dramatic gorges, hiking trails, mesmerizing beaches, and rural villages set the scene of a dreamy holidays destination, especially for nature lovers!

Ikaria is unlike anything you’ve seen before!

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Ikaria Greece is probably the most alternative destination in the Eastern Aegean. Forget about glamorous bars, super luxurious resorts, and pretentious people. Ikaria has nothing to do with those!

So what to expect from Ikaria island?

Authentic, laid-back people, epic traditional feasts, excellent taverns, wild natural landscapes, idyllic beaches, locally made wine galore and beautiful seaside Ikaria hotels. The vibe of this island is so seductive, you’ll get into the mood straightaway!

Ikaria Greece is particularly famous for one thing: the longevity of the islanders! The inhabitants of Ikaria live for many many years thanks to the nutritious Ikarian diet, walking, stress-free everyday life, and optimism! You can have a taste of all these qualities, along with the excellent local wine, at the regular traditional village feasts that are organized every summer in Ikaria.

As for Ikaria beaches, they boast the most beautiful wild natural landscapes! Visit Seychelles Ikaria beach, Mesakti, Nas and Livadi beaches to live your best beach life! For those who want to combine their beach day with island exploration, their best bet is trekking through Halari gorge, which leads to the beautiful Nas beach, one of the best places to marvel at the Aegean sunset from!

Once (or if) you manage to peel yourself away from the beautiful beaches, head to the little gems of the island: the picturesque Ikaria villages! Visit Armenistis Ikaria, Manganitis and Karkinagri to immerse yourself in the island’s culture. Ikaria villages are the best places to observe the everyday life of the islanders firsthand, learn their longevity secrets, taste the excellent local wine and gorge on homemade delicacies!

All the roads lead to Ikaria!

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