Find out everything about your holidays in Patmos on our travel guide! Patmos island, which is also known as the “Island of the apocalypse”, has a strong spiritual character. But it is also one of the most beautiful Greek islands to visit.

According to the tradition, Saint John the Divine was inspired to write the Book of the Apocalypse inside a cave in Patmos Greece. Today, the so-called “Cave of the Apocalypse” is one of the island’s main attractions. There’s also a large monastery dedicated to Saint John above Chora, the island’s capital. Thousands of pilgrims come to Patmos island every year to visit these two religious monuments.

Due to its spiritual character, the island plays host to many religious festivals and feasts, which are a perfect opportunity for travelers to introduce themselves to the tradition and history of Patmos.

Chora, the capital of Patmos is not only the island’s center of activities but also a very charming village. Its narrow alleys and the amazing view of the Aegean Sea make it a perfect place for wandering. What’s more, in Chora you’ll find many Patmos hotels, studios, and apartments.

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Patmos Greece is an island that sits in the north part of the Dodecanese group of islands.

The most important monument of Patmos island is the Monastery of Saint John, which is situated on the top of a hill above Chora. The monastery is protected by walls, which make it look like a fortress. Apart from the Monastery of Saint John, there are many monasteries scattered around the island. The spiritual character of Patmos is very strong! Another popular monument in Patmos is the so-called “Cave of the Apocalypse”, where, according to tradition, Apostle John was inspired to write the Book of Revelation.

Chora is the island’s capital and one of the most picturesque villages of Patmos. It boasts traditional architecture, thus it’s full of whitewashed houses, narrow paved alleys and has a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. At Chora, you’ll find many Patmos hotels, cafes, restaurants and taverns, where you can taste the local delicacies. Except for Chora, another rather famous spot in Patmos is Skala village, where the island’s port is located. Skala is a busy and touristy village.

As for Patmos beaches, they are beautiful! The best-organized beaches in Patmos, such as Agriolivado and Livadi Geranou, are located on the northern side of the island. The rest of the island’s beaches are secluded, thus perfect for those who seek privacy.

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The only way to reach the island of Patmos is by ferry. There are ferries to Patmos from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, but also from other islands of the Aegean. The closest airport to Patmos is on Leros island and it is connected to Patmos by ferry.


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  • Chora, the main village
    Located on top of a hill, Chora is the capital of the island. Due to the traditional style and the many monasteries, this village is included in the world heritage lists of Unesco.
  • Saint John Monastery
    On top of the hill above Chora is the impressive Monastery of Saint John, considered a religious centre for Christianity. This architecture of this monastery looks like a fortress.
  • Cave of Apocalypse
    In the middle way between Chora and Skala is the historical cave of Apocalypse. According to the tradition, this is where Saint John was inspired the Book of Revelation.
  • Geranou
    Livadi Geranou is a lovely beach with calm environment. Although it is not much organized, it gets pretty popular in summer.
  • Kambos beach
    On the northern side of the island is the beach of Kambos, a relaxing place to enjoy a day at the sea. The close beach of Livadi Geranou is also beautiful.
  • Day trip to Arki and Marathi
    In summer there are daily boat trips from the port of Skala in Patmos to the secluded islands of Arki and Marathi. These two islands have amazing beaches and relaxing atmosphere.