Patmos Geography

The island of Patmos lays in the eastern borderline of the Aegean Sea and is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese complex. It has a total area of 34 sq km and a coastline of about 60 km. Patmos is at a distance of 158 nautical miles from the main harbor of Athens, Piraeus. The shape of the island in particular: it is made of three parts, which are linked by two isthmi of a width of about 2 km.

The geography of Patmos is mountainous and rocky. Nevertheless, its landscape also features low barren hills and small plateau. Its coastline is lacy, with various gulfs forming countless picturesque bays and coves and dreamlike beaches. The most important gulfs of Patmos is Skala, which is also the main harbor of the island.

Many other gulfs are surrounding the island, particularly its western, eastern and southern sides. The highest peak of Patmos is Mount Profitis Elias, rising at an altitude of 270 meters. Many other mountains are scattered around the island. Another characteristic of the island of Patmos is its great amount of capes such as the capes of Koumana, Gernos, Livadi, Genoupas and many more.

Small islets are surrounding the island of Patmos. The largest one is Hiliomodi, located in the Gulf of Skala. Further north is the islets of Santa Thekla, Saint George, Tragonisi, Prasonisi and others, connected with the history of Patmos in older times. Patmos has a population of about 2500 inhabitants, mostly concentrated in its main harbor, Skala, in the capital of the island, Chora (or Patmos Town) and in the village of Kambos.

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