Patmos Festivals & Cultural Events

Patmos is a peaceful island and a great part of world history, it is the place where Saint John arrived to write the Book of Apocalypse. Due to the plethora of churches and monasteries, the locals show unique respect in the old customs and traditions which are revealed in the religious feasts that take place on the island once a year. The majority of feasts are organized in the capital of Patmos and are usually accompanied by food, drinking, and dancing.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
On the day of the Dormition of the Virgin, on August 15th, Patmos celebrates with a big feast at the Monastery of Panagia Geranou with traditional dancing, singing, and food. A series of events are organized on the island of Patmos, mainly in Skala, Kambos and in Chora.

Feast of Saint John
The feast of Saint John the Theologian is honored with glorious celebrations in Chora, on May 8th and September 26th.

September 24th
On the 24th of September, locals celebrate the feast of Agia Thekla. The church dedicated to her lies on top of a small islet, right across Agriolivadi. Locals arrive there from the early morning hours to enjoy the ceremony and the feast that follows.

Cultural events

Religious Music Festival
The Religious Music Festival of Patmos is established as one of the major cultural events related to religious and it gathers various artists from the international and Greek music scene as well as world-famous choirs. The festival is held under the Cave of the Apocalypse, the symbol of Christianity.

Festival of Folklore Dances
The Festival of Folklore Dances in Patmos highlights the island's tradition through a great celebration. Many dancing groups unite from many parts of Greece and Asia Minor. All dancers are dressed in traditional costumes symbolizing the strong connection to the traditional and historic events of each region.

International Film Festival
The International Film Festival is scheduled every July on Patmos island. Film-makers, actors, directors, and film-critics from every part of the world are gathered here to attend one of the most important cultural summer events in Greece.