Find out everything about your holidays in Fourni on our travel guide! Fourni is a picturesque complex of tiny Greek islands located south of Samos and Ikaria, in the Eastern Aegean. Thanks to its secluded position and incomparable natural beauty, Fourni island is ideal for alternative holidays. Especially hikers, free campers and naturists will fall in love with this island. Fourni Greece is perfect for holidays in the heart of nature, away from crowds!

The main town of Fourni is the island’s center of activities! Its beach is perfect for an evening plunge, while its romantic promenade is perfect for sunset walks.

Fourni island is not only a wonderful holiday destination but also a nice island-hopping destination! If you’re staying in Fourni, don’t miss the chance to do day trips to the nearby Samos! There are daily boats that sail between Agios Kirikos in Ikaria and Pythagorion in Samos.

If you’re dreaming of relaxing holidays in nature, your best bet lies in Fourni! Find out how to get there and some amazing photos!!


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Fourni Greece is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Eastern Aegean island chain. Still untouched by mass tourism, Fourni ooze unspoiled charm. Fourni island complex is dotted with many quaint villages worth exploring. The capital of Fourni is Town, where the island’s port is also located. There are also the smaller settlements of Kamari, Thimena, and Chrissomilia that come alive during the summer, thanks to the tourists.

If you’re someone who seeks seclusion, privacy, and relaxation, then Fourni is an ideal destination for you. Thanks to its far distance from Athens, the island has yet to be discovered by “mass” visitors, thus it has very few facilities. Swimming and hiking are the two main things to do in Fourni island Greece, so if you’re a nature lover, Fourni might be your paradise!

Fourni beaches are beautiful and unorganized. Some of them, such as Psili Ammos and Kambi, can be reached on foot, while the others can be reached by the small local bus. Thanks to their secluded position and extraordinary natural setting, many of the island’s beaches are frequented by campers and naturists.

Fourni is the perfect holiday destination away from the bright lights!

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The only way to reach the island of Fourni is by ferry. There are ferries to Fourni from Piraeus, the main port of Athens and other islands of the Aegean. The closest airports to Fourni are of Samos and Ikaria islands. Both islands are connected to Fourni by ferry.


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  • Main village
    The largest village of the complex is Fourni Town, built amphitheatrically around a small natural port. This is a serene fishing village and a great destination for calm and relaxed vacations.
  • Psili Ammos beach
    Psili Ammos is a nice sandy bay, one of the few organized beaches on the island. It is located in close distance to the main town and can be accessed in short walk.
  • Kassidi beach
    Kassidi is one of the best places to swim in Fourni. Unorganized and secluded, this beach has sandy coast and amazing blue green waters. This is a wonderful place to enjoy nature.
  • Acropolis
    Works to clear Ai Giorgis hill, revealed an Acropolis-fortress similar to the one in Drakanon, Ikaria . The monument’s name is known by a phrase curved by a guard of the ancient acropolis marble.
  • Ancient quarry
    The ancient quarry is located in a small gulf called Petrokopio. You can scatter marble pieces as well as many architectural parts such as columns.
  • Kambi beach
    Only a short walk from the main town, Kambi is lined up with few beach studios and taverns. It has relaxing atmosphere and some trees to provide natural shade.
  • Chrissomilia beach
    Totally secluded from the rest of the island, Chrissomilia is a small summer settlement with nice beach. Very few studios are found there and limited facilities.