Lemnos Temple of Kavirio

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Location: Kondopouli

The ancient site of Kavirio on Lemnos: The temple of Kavirio on Lemnos is situated 3 kilometers from the archaeological site of Ifestia, just opposite to Tigani Bay. It is an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the two gods Kaviri, mythical gods of northern Aegean with mystic ceremonies.

The sanctuary of Kavirio, which was assumed to have been built around the 6th or 7th century B.C, is older than the one in Samothraki, where this particular god was also worshiped. There is also a belief that Kaviri were sons of god Hephaestus. They were thought to be talented technicians and they were worshiped as gods of the sea, the vineyards, and fertility. Kaviria Mysteries were celebrated every year and they were associated with the revival of nature.

The site of Kavirio was brought to light in 1937. The excavations can be seen separated by a trench. There was a telestirio or else initiation hall, a palace and an arcade on one side. On the other side, there is a larger telestirio with twelve Doric columns. The sanctuary contained many inscriptions that gave information about its construction and the history of the island.



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