Introduction & General Information

The unspoiled island of Lemnos is not a conventional tourist hotspot, it is much more. Having everything a visitor could ask for, from over a hundred stunning golden beaches, complete with sapphire waters, which form a unique contrast with the wild landscape, to numerous archaeological sites and villages. The geography of Lemnos is amazing with the strange capes and underwater caves, such as the Cave of Philoctetes.

Having successfully retained its traditional charm, Lemnos island will give you a guaranteed refreshing vacation. Accommodation is easily obtained on Lemnos, with a wide variety of hotels, holiday homes, and resorts to choose from. Restaurants still serve many traditional dishes, which, with their unique flavors will have you asking for more.

Archaeological sites such as Kavirio, Ifestia, and Poliochni are highly visited and tourists also enjoy the three magnificent lakes on the island, which form beautiful ecosystems with migrant birds that flock to the lakes.

Ideal for a relaxed and peaceful vacation, on Lemnos you can walk in the quaint alleyways, exploring the towns and markets, or sit in a traditional tavern by the sea and feast on fresh fish, or just lie under the sun at the many beaches, few of which ever experience a crowd.

There are many organized beaches in Myrina, where sunbeds and umbrellas are easily available, and also watersport facilities. Apart from the archaeological sites aforementioned, other places of interest include a Venetian Castle in Myrina and many museums.

Lemnos is characterized by warm weather, full of sunshine, especially during the summer months. It rarely rains here, though it can get slightly chilly after sunset. Despite its obvious lack of commercialization, the island of Lemnos is surprisingly well equipped to handle tourists. Locals are extremely friendly and you will find it hard to find any faults with this magnificent island.