Museums in Lemnos

Lemnos, known since the antiquity, is an island with a rich mythical tradition and historical background. It flourished greatly in the prehistoric times, the Byzantine years and the Venetian period. Archaeological excavations have brought to light findings which reveal the existence of an early civilization in the 4th millennium BC.

A great part of these findings and more on the history of Lemnos can be found in the Archaeological Museum in Myrina. The rooms of this neoclassical mansion present an extensive collection of treasures from the ancient sites of Kavirio and Ifestia and several antiquities. There is beautiful section with ceramics, pottery items, statuettes, jewellery and coins.

In the village of Portiano, it is a pleasure visiting the Folklore Museum of Lemnos. On display are several items of local art and well-preserved rooms which make up the typical Lemnian house. Of great interest is the Maritime Museum of Lemnos situated in the heart of the city. The museum's collection includes a great variety of items from the sponge-diving tradition that the island is famous for. In Myrina, close to the Holy Cathedral lies the Ecclesiastical Museum.