Lemnos Architecture

Lemnos island displays wonderful houses of urban architecture from the 19th century which can mostly be seen at its beautiful capital, Myrina. Of great cultural importance are the island's architectural treasures, including the stone built mansions in Romaikos Gialos and the imposing churches. The typical Lemnian house is distinguished for its simplicity, built only for the basic needs of that time with many storage facilities. The welcoming streets are lined with elegant neoclassical mansions as well as splendid temples with an amazing interior decoration that you can see the mountainous villages.

The outstanding architecture of Lemnos can be also admired in the impressive stone works of art that locals made until the 1950s using the local stone. Such examples survive in the capital and the surrounded villages, the churches and cemeteries. The island is dotted with hundreds of chapels as well as traditional windmills which demonstrate the passage of time and keep alive the local traditions. The bridges, the dovecotes, the local stone structures, and the fountains are also an integral part of the local architecture and folklore art. In general, the architecture of Lemnos combines the style of other Greek islands and a special local style.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.