Lemnos Local products

Lemnos is well-known for its strong gastronomic tradition, influenced by many areas of Minor Asia. The long history of this place is strongly connected with the production of the sublime product like the local wine, the cheese and the wheat of excellent quality which supported the economic development of the island in several periods.

The local products have a predominant role in the traditional cuisine of Lemnos taken from the rich and fertile soil of the island. This place offers its guests a great variety of delicious treats and delicacies, exotic seafood and meat dishes cooked the traditional way. Lemnos is one of the richest islands in Greece with a wide variety of natural products since ancient times. Wheat, honey, and wine are the base of local tradition. Of high interest are the dairy products, the most important being kalathaki, a kind of white hard cheese.

The locals accustomed to the taste of fish during the last two centuries after the abandonment from the pirates. With the arrival of the emigrants from Minor Asia though, the locals of Lemnos invented some other gastronomic habits without losing the traditional character.

Some of the local specialties of Lemnos are feta cheese, the cheese called salamoura, a kind of salad with raw string beans called gyftofasoula, golden honey, sweets, and pastries. The local wine is also famous for its taste, particularly the dry white wine called Moshato. The local ouzo called Kondias is also famous in Greece. The products of Lemnos also include fine potteries, wood-carvings, ceramics, embroideries, weaving, and silk.