Lefkada Kitesurfing spots

Kitesurfing in Lefkada is one of the most popular watersports on the island!
Every year, people from all over the world flock to Lefkada to kitesurf, as the island prides itself on ideal wind conditions with constant thermal winds every day after midday.
One of the main reasons why Lefkada is a popular destination is that although it is an island, it can be reached by car.
Therefore, many kite lovers from the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, etc.) choose Lefkada for weekend getaways, weather permitting.

The most famous spots for kitesurfing in Lefkada are Agios Ioannis, Wooden Bridge-Little Church, Agios Nikolaos and some others.

Kitesurfing in Agios Ioannis, Lefkada

The most famous kitesurfing spot in Lefkada is by far Agios Ioannis on the northern part of the island, 2 km away from the main town.
You can easily find this kitesurfing spot and choose one of the 3 windmills that line the beach to get in the water.
In July and August, many people launch 200-300m on the right side of the right windmill. The wind blows every day from 2 pm to 8 pm from May to September, unless it is cloudy or there are strong Meltemi winds (7+ Bft) in the Aegean Sea, usually in August.
Winds are always stronger on the left side of the 1st windmill because of the Venturi effect generated from the cliff but in case the wind is southwest it is not the case as the same cliff tends to be an obstacle and wind will be good at the right of the last windmill. So, we recommend choosing your side depending on the size of your kite and wind direction.

• Wind Direction: The main wind directions in the summer are SW, W, and NW.
• Wind Speed: From 12knots to 24knots.
• Beach Length: You can ride for 2.5 kilometers in length and the length for launching your kite is 1.5km.
• Beach width: 20-30m. At some points, though, there are dunes of 30-50 meters between the beach and the road.
• Type of sand: Thick sand.
• Parking: There is plenty of parking space on the road above the beach. You can park your car within a 30m distance of the beach if you find a parking spot. Keep in mind that there is no dedicated parking area for windsurfers. At the beginning of the season, people manage to park between the road and the last windmill to avoid walking the 50-meter distance to the beach, but the local police officer often puts some rocks to block the passage.
• Sea temperature: You’re going to need a shorty wetsuit in May, June, September, and October and a lycra wetsuit in July and August.
• Sea chop: In case of strong wind predictions (above 6Bft), there is a good chance that there will be a shore break, which discourages most of the riders. So, they will instead head to the Nissaki spot (5 km away) or to Agios Nikolaos (15 km away). Keep in mind that on some days there is some chop, depending on the direction of the wind.
• Wind prediction accuracy: It is very difficult to predict the wind strength in Agios Ioannis as there are thermal winds. Many times, there might be predictions of 8-10 knot southwest winds and end up to 23 knots. You can check the live wind station that operates from May to September. However, if you live in the area, you’re going to feel the wind the moment it blows. What’s more, the wind doesn’t start at the same time every day, but many people go to the beach with their families or friends to enjoy the sun and the sea until the wind starts to blow.
• Rider levels: This beach is suitable for kitesurfers of all levels, but freestylers will often go to other nearby spots on choppy days.
• Safety: This is a very safe beach as you will always go towards the beach after a while unless you continue riding after the corner where the beach forms an “L”. In that case, you will have to wait a long time before you land on the right side of the castle or at a rather slippery part of the beach.
• Downwind: Many people do a downwind to Nissaki Spot or Agios Nikolaos on windy days when there is wind on 3 spots.
• Beginners: This is a good place to practice with small kites on the beach, but not the best place to take your first rides, as you will quickly land on the beach because the wind blows towards the shore. Your best bet is to body drag for 50m and do your first rides until you learn to go upwind. Until then, you will need to go to the starting point on foot. Keep in mind that you should watch out for the rocks on the beach. Starting from the last windmill on the right, there are some rocks at 50m on the left and 200m on the right. Therefore, it is not a good idea to learn how to water start near those rocks. They might not seem like a dangerous spot, but you can easily get injured if you land on them.
• Accommodation and Camping: The whole area of Agios Ioannis is packed with accommodation options for every budget. Many accommodations are located right on the beach, which allows you to skip walking or driving to get there. Camping is not allowed. View all hotels in Agios Ioannis.
• Extra note: There is a kitesurfing club in Agios Ioannis.


Kitesurfing in Wooden Bridge-Little Church (Nissaki)

Wooden Bridge-Little Church is an idyllic area protected by the Natura network and insulated by an exotic reef. In this area, you won’t find any buildings, just the beautiful Castle, Agios Nikolaos church, and turquoise waters for as far as the eye can see.
This spot might be a bit hard to reach, but it’s worth it!
The truth is that wind conditions are rather unpredictable in this area, as there might be a 20knots wind in Agios Ioannis and a 15knots wind in Agios Nikolaos, but not ideal wind conditions in Nissaki.
Sometimes, wind conditions might be good at first, but they might end up changing.
This is an ideal place to go overpower as the water conditions are excellent. Most of the time the direction of the wind is not so good as it makes the ride short, but it allows many riders to enjoy their ride every 10m.
However, some days are perfect! The direction of the wind is just on point, allowing you to ride along the lagoon and up to the small island. On days with strong wind, the waves break on the reef causing sea foam that casts up on the shore, creating an utterly exotic scenery. But, these days aren’t usual.

• Wind Direction: The main wind directions in summer are SW, W, and NW.
• Wind Speed: From 12knots to 24knots.
• Beach Length: You can ride for 2 km length and the length of the beach is 1km.
• Beach Width: 20-30m.
• Type of sand: Very small pebbles.
• Parking: There is a parking area 320 meters away from the launching spot. To reach the place, you’ll need to cross a wooden bridge. We recommend not leaving valuable objects inside your car as cars are often broken into. If you have a Jeep car or wide tires, you might manage to reach the spot following a passage on the salt lake passing the first road on your left after crossing the bridge that connects Lefkada with the mainland.
• Sea temperature: You’re going to need a shorty wetsuit in May, June, September, and October and a lycra wetsuit in July and August, but the water here is warmer than in Agios Ioannis, thanks to the lagoon.
• Sea chop: This beach is super flat due to the reef close to the riding location.
• Wind prediction accuracy: As we have previously mentioned, the wind is unpredictable in this spot, but if you see strong wind predictions, do not hesitate to go.
• Rider levels: This spot is suitable for kitesurfers of all levels, especially for freestylers. However, this spot isn’t suitable for foil, as the water is shallow and your glide might crash to the sea bottom.
• Safety: This is a very safe kite surfing spot, as you will always be led toward the beach. Just keep in mind that if you ride near the church, the wind is not as strong as at the launching area, thus it might be difficult to go back. But, you can always swim towards the main beach and get back on foot.
• Downwind: Many people go downwind at the Agios Nikolaos spot as it is a very safe place.
• Beginners: This is not the best place for beginners as the lagoon area is pretty small and usually full of more experienced riders, especially in August. Other than that, it is very safe as you can easily walk back to the starting point. What’s more, some beginners choose the little church to practice.
• Accommodation and Camping: Camping is not allowed in the area. The closest accommodation (a nice villa with a sea view) lies 1.5km away.


Kitesurfing in Agios Nikolaos, near Lefkada

This spot is ideal for beginners but is less windy than Agios Ioannis.
This is the reason why many people come here to take kitesurfing lessons, as it is a perfect place for those at the beginning of their kite journey!
The long sandy beach deepens for 30m and because the reef is 1km upwind, the water is flat and there is a small chop when it gets windy. As you reach the beach, you’ll also see a strip of sand on the right side.
On the upwind part of the sand strip, there are instructors giving kite lessons so you will have to go upwind to avoid them.
The downwind side of the sand strip is ideal for freestyle, as the water is flat. The depth of the water is 20cm close to the shore and up to 2m as you go downwind. The soil at this point is muddy, which can limit the danger of getting injured. What’s more, the water temperature is quite high -taking a break from your ride into the water is the ultimate delight!
Keep in mind that you can't launch your kite on the right side because it is a swimming spot, but if you ride upwind enough, you can go on for 1 more km on the right side of the beach. On windy days with a good wind orientation, you can almost ride up to Aktio Airport with some upwind!

• Wind direction: The main wind directions in summer are SW, W, and NW. Wind speed: From 10knots to 20knots. The wind is stronger near the cliff and weaker on the right side of the beach. On windy days, the thin sand might be annoying for someone who is sunbathing on the beach.
• Beach length: The front side of the beach is 2km long and the back side of the beach is 500m long.
• Beach width: 10m.
• Type of sand: Very thin sand, which can be disturbing when strong winds are blowing.
• Parking: There’s not much parking space at this spot. Otherwise, you can park along the road leading to the beach.
• Sea temperature: You’re going to need a shorty wetsuit in May, June, September, and October and a lycra wetsuit in July and August. On hot days, the water temperature is very high -on the back side of the beach, you get the feeling of floating in a bathtub.
• Sea chop: Thanks to the reef, which is situated 2 km upwind, the chop is limited. There are some little waves, though, as you reach the cliff.
• Wind prediction accuracy: The spot tends to get windier than predicted.
• Rider levels: All levels of kitesurfers, especially freestylers. The area is also suitable for foil.
• Safety: This is a very safe kitesurfing spot, as you will always be led towards the beach. Also, there aren’t any rocks or stones.
• Downwind: Many people finish their downwind here.
• Beginners: The whole area is perfect for beginners.
• Accommodation and Camping: Camping is allowed near the beach with a charge. As for accommodation, you will find several options in the village of Agios Nikolaos.
- Sime Villa Private Beach
- Knots Apartments


Kitesurfing in other good spots around Lefkada

You can find other nice spots for kitesurfing near Preveza and if the wind blows from the East, at Paliambela.

Kitesurfing in Preveza

Kastrosikia Beach, Bouka Restaurant (39.090115, 20.658706)
This kitesurfing spot has nothing to envy from the famous Agios Ioannis Beach in Lefkada, given that there is enough wind, of course.
The excursion from Lefkada to Kastrosikia Beach in Preveza is quite big, approximately 45 km long, and it is worth mentioning that during this trip, you will have to pay twice the amount of 3 EUR for the use of the underwater tunnel, which connects Central Greece with Epirus.
Once you reach Kastrosikia Beach, 10 kilometers of thick sand will reward you, while in case the wind is capricious and you can’t practice kitesurfing or other water sports, you will be able to enjoy your swim along with your family or eat at one of the many seaside restaurants of the area.
As you drive on the road from Lefkada to Kastrosikia Beach, you should turn left after the sign of Hotel Nefeli and reach the beach. Then, you should head to the restaurant Bouka, where there is a large parking lot available.
In that spot, there is also an anemometer and you can view live the area’s current weather.

A small wooden pergola was built by local kite surfers in order to provide shadow to riders between 2 kite sessions.
The wind is side shore and a little gusty too due to the peninsula that is located 1 km north. It also ranges between 10 knots and 18 knots. Depending on the season, the average wind speed will be below 15 knots, while it can rarely be more than that.
As you can see from the photos, the width of the beach is about 20-30 meters and there is no problem with overcrowding. The spot is suitable for all levels, while in case of equipment breakdown, you can easily reach the beach sooner or later by swimming.
Moreover, in Kastrosikia Beach sometimes choppy waters create side-onshore waves that are converted into cool ramps for big jumps.
Furthermore, various camping and accommodation facilities are available in this area, and, of course, you can enjoy your meal in the restaurant of Bouka as soon as you complete your kitesurfing activities or in between 2 sessions. In the restaurant, there is also a fountain (tap) with plenty of water which you can use in order to clean your equipment.
- Poseidon Beach Hotel
- Orizontas Residencies
- Spiros Rooms

Kitesurfing in Paliambela

(38.927931, 21.023895)
You can access the kitesurfing spot by driving from the island of Lefkada to Amfilochia.
Just 1 km after the village of Paliambela, you should turn left and then, choose immediately the right direction when you see the fork in the road.
As you drive, you will cross various fields, while by using the GPS navigation system, you will need another 3 km until you reach your destination after you pass the first beach you see on your way.
At the end of the road, you will notice a fish farm and, although it might seem strange, the kitesurfing spot is not directly visible as you enter the business area that doesn’t have any fence.
Then, you have to make a U-turn and drive 50 meters straight until you see on your right a rusty trailer in the middle of the dirt road full of tall grasses, although you might not notice it right away.
We suspect that the proprietor of the nearby villa might have done it intentionally so that there is no direct access to this spot since this road ends directly at this kitesurfing spot.
Once you park your vehicle, you have to walk approximately 200 meters along the dirt road that connects the place where you have parked with this impressive kitesurfing spot, which consists of a 250-meter-long sandspit.
The east wind will help you surf downwind the sandspit, and you will be able to enjoy a lovely kitesurfing session on flat water! In the middle of the sandspit, there is a triangular surface with water as well as another lane of hard surface, where you can inflate or/and land your kite.
This long and narrow beach, apart from pebbles, has also scattered trash due to the lack of swimmers because of its location. Moreover, you have to be very careful when walking towards the beach so as not to step on any broken bottle. When we were practicing kitesurfing, we found at the bottom of the sea - and just 1 meter away from the beach - a half-vertical jug of beer that could have easily cut off our foot. Besides, although we hadn’t seen any urchins, as soon as we came out of the sea we had some thorns on our feet. Even so, we can't have it all, can we?
Also, you should think about where you wish to land, in case your kite falls and you are unable to lift it again. We hadn’t thought about it when we started our kitesurfing practice, otherwise, we might not have entered the water. However, in any case, you will not be in danger, you will just find it difficult to go back to the kite spot.
This kitesurfing spot has ideal weather conditions thanks to the east wind, which is a rare phenomenon in the area. The wind speed is usually at 14-18 knots, consequently, in case you are someone who wants to do kitesurfing holidays and get 100% kitesurfing statistics, you should come here when it blows from the east and the wind is not so good at the other kitesurfing spots on the island of Lefkada.
Where to stay?
- Manna Gea

Note: If the wind blows from the South, as it can happen in May, June, and September, you can go to a spot known only by locals, Alykes in Episkopos village, opposite Nefeli restaurant. Keep in mind that this is not a spot to go with your family or if you haven’t practiced for a long time.
At this spot, you have to get into the water from the right side of the shore.
The wind usually blows towards the shore and there can be little waves.
Keep in mind that the wind speed must be more than 5 Bft. This place doesn’t represent the beauty of Lefkada, but it’s a good option to kitesurf, explore the shipwreck that lies nearby, or just watch the yachts drifting by. In the winter, only locals go to this beach and very few tourists at the beginning or at the end of peak season.
WARNING: There are electric cables throughout the beach, so you need to be careful when you launch and land your kite.
Also, don’t try to land your kite on the beach if it has fallen into the water and you haven’t been able to retrieve it. A local rider has lived such a terrifying experience and managed to survive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to push your luck.
Otherwise you can try another spot named Palairos.

Kitesurfing in Drepano & Dioni

If you have time, we highly recommend combining your holidays in Lefkada with a getaway to Drepano near Patras, kite there from 12.00 to 15.00 and then, on your way back to Lefkada, stop at the epic spot of Dioni and kitesurf there from 18.00 until the sun goes down.

Photos of the spot of Drepano
(38.338956, 21.849577)

Photos of the spot of Dioni
(38.347349, 21.101063)