Ion Club in Karpathos

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Location: Afiartis

The Ion Club is located in Afiartis, in the southern part of Karpathos, an island in the Dodecanese. The club operates two surf centers in the area and it is just a few minutes from the airport. The main center, located at Gun Bay, is a high-wind location, blowing cross-offshore, and when the wind is at its strongest, a meter-high wave builds up at a distance of about 500 meters from the shore, making it a perfect spot for practicing jumps and loops.

Closer to the shore, the water is flat and suitable for practicing jibes. From the Gun Bay, surfers can surf out to the Devil’s Bay, which, true to its name, boasts high wind velocities (2-3 points higher on the Beaufort scale). This spot offers an ideal platform for blasting. The club also runs a second center at Chicken Bay that is easily accessible from the main center. Amphitheatrically located in the middle of the bay (which has an 80-meter stretch of shallow water), the center at Chicken Bay is best for both beginners and freestylers and offers a variety of courses for beginners and children, and also an "Unlimited Instruction" program to enhance overall skill levels.

Trained instructors, latest surfing equipment and lightweight rigs make training at the center, a great experience for beginners. A safety system is at its best at both the centers and a constant vigil is maintained throughout the day.

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