The landscape diversity of the country makes hiking in Greece an enjoyable and refreshing activity to do in nature!

In fact, in the past years, many trekking clubs have opened all over the country and several hiking paths have been created in the Greek islands.

Hiking in Greece is particularly popular in the Greek mainland, where landscapes vary and routes are more organized. Crete, the Cyclades, Zagorochoria, Meteora, the Central Peloponnese are the most popular places for hiking while hiking clubs usually organize hikes combined with other activities, such as archery or rafting.

The difficulty of the hiking paths in Greece varies depending on the landscape of each region and the weather conditions. Usually, hiking paths cross gorges, lakes, valleys, mountainsides and include visits to monasteries or archaeological sites. They are also part of agrotourism, a new kind of tourism that has been developed over the last years.

For a safe hiking experience in Greece, you are advised to always have a good map of the area with you and a guide, if you don't know the route well. Remember that cell phones usually got a very weak signal on the mountains and weather conditions are unpredictable, especially during the winter. Special equipment is not required for hiking, except for an athletic outfit and trainers.
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Hiking clubs in the Greek islands

Santorini hiking Tours offers both guided or private tours for travelers who wish to explore the secret side of Santorini. Walk ancient paths, see villages forgotten by time and gaze the breathtaking view to the caldera.

Naxos Hiking is run by Stella, who lives permanently in Naxos and offers hiking tours in popular and less popular locations on the island. These tours pass through old villages, ancient monuments, and secluded beaches to give visitors a true insight of local nature and culture.

Strata Tours offers hiking and activity holidays in western Crete. The team has designed special hiking trails in the region that go through traditional villages, beautiful nature and monuments.

Island Walks organizes hiking tours in Ithaca Greece since 2004. In small groups of 10 people max, Ester van Zuylen, who lives permanently on the island, gives people the chance to see Ithaca from the inside.

Kythnos hiking organizes hiking tours in the island of Kythnos.

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