The landscape of Greece is quite diverse, making the country an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts. With so many mountains, gorges and forests, the opportunities are endless!

Hiking in Greece will allow you to explore many scenic locations scattered all around the countryside. It is one of the most refreshing activities to do in nature and the country's complex hiking trail network ensures a notable diversity for hikers of all fitness levels.

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• Hiking destinations: Peloponnese | Central Greece | Cyclades | Crete | Near Athens | Ionian Sea

The islands of Greece have grown to become quite popular among hikers from all around the world and new paths are constantly being offered.
Apart from the islands, countless hiking trails are available to discover on the mainland, from the north to the south of the country, while hiking opportunities can even be found in the region of Athens.


Hiking Clubs

Although many visitors enjoy hiking independently, joining a club comes with many benefits, related to both safety and good company.
Such clubs usually organize hikes combined with other activities, including archery, rafting or trekking.
We have created a list with the best hiking clubs in Greece and the islands.
Many of them offer the opportunity to make your reservation online.

Clubs we love are marked with a ❤.

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Andros Routes

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Andros Routes was formed by a group of volunteers who love the island, its culture, history and beautiful landscape. Our aim is to develop sustainable tourism on the island by restoring and maintaining the ancient network of paths for hiking. Since 2012 we have restored and signposted over 160km of ...
Katakalei, Andros
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Personality Journeys

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Personality Journeys is an adventure travel operator based in Greece, specializing in tailor-made yachting and land-based holidays in the best locations that Greece has to offer.
Vouliagmeni, Athens
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Trekking Andros

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Trekking Andros & Outdoor Activities team is a network of naturalist people who live and work on Andros, with deep knowledge of the island and ready to share their expertise and promote responsible eco-tourism!
Ormos, Andros

Aegean Outdoors

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Aegean Outdoors means outdoors in Greece! Experience the most unique outdoor and adventure holidays in Greece by discovering the non-touristy side of our beautiful country through your favorite activity: hiking, cycling, sea kayaking, sailing, rafting or other. 
Pagrati, Athens

Base Outdoor Activities

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Base Outdoor Activities has been offering various interesting hiking, climbing, skydiving, and canyoning activities in Athens since 2017. Most of its programs don’t require prior experience from the participants, while they are addressed to both beginners and advanced practitioners. There are ...
Agia Paraskevi, Athens

Extreme Tours

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Extreme Tours is active since 2016 and its purpose is to offer activities such as trekking, canyoning, etc., which raise the adrenaline!
Kallithea, Athens

Fit in Crete

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Fit in Crete is a local family tour company that operates in Kissamos, West Crete. They are Manuel and Fiona, originally coming from Italy and the UK. They have developed a love for Greece and the outdoors over years of sea turtle conservation, always coming up with creative ways to find ...
Kissamos, Chania

Green Oliver

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Green Oliver has been offering hiking experiences in Greece since 2017. The professional guides of Green Oliver are passionate about their job and they have first aid certifications too. One of the most worth-participating activities of this company is hiking to the waterfall of Kounoupitsa and the ...
Town Centre, Thessaloniki

Kythnos Hiking

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Kythnos Hiking offers you the whole experience of Greek hospitality on this very traditional and unspoiled island.Join them for hikes across the lovely hills and valleys of Kythnos, often taking in one of its lovely sandy beaches to give you a regular chance to swim or just chill. The people ...
Chora, Kythnos

Rhodes Roads

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Rhodes Roads believes in alternative ways of discovering the world. They have a deep respect for customs and mores, environmental awareness and admiration for the landscape.
Archangelos, Rhodes

Run Hike

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Run Hike is located in Thessaloniki and it offers several outdoor activities for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are different tours available among of which urban trekking, hiking and running routes are included. All activities are organized in Thessaloniki and the participants can ...
Louloudadika, Thessaloniki

Trails Beyond

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Trails Beyond is a boutique tour operator in Greece, offering unique guided adventures, off the beaten pathway. It’s a company of and for travelers, dedicated to creating authentic, meaningful and transformative travel experiences, that benefit not only our travelers but also the places and people ...
Neos Kosmos, Athens

Visit Meteora

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Visit Meteora is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources and passion for tourism to become the pioneers of Destination Management Company in Meteora.
Kalambaka, Meteora

General information

During the past few years, several hiking & trekking clubs have opened in numerous places on the Greek mainland or the islands.
New hiking routes have been established in addition to the preexisting ones that are in a good condition.

Hiking in Greece is particularly popular on the Greek mainland, at locations where well-maintained trails are available, such as Menalon Trail and Viros Gorge Trail in the Peloponnese.
Central Greece also offers some of Greece's most famous paths in areas such as Pelion, Vikos-Aoos National Park, Mount Olympus and Meteora. |
Opportunities may even be available in Attica, such as the trails on Mount Hymettus and Lycabettus Hill.

As far as the islands are concerned, the Cyclades have amazing trails to explore, such as the Seven Villages Trail in Naxos, the trail from Fira to Oia in Santorini, the path on Santorini Volcano and the Old Strata Trail in Amorgos. In addition, the Ionian Islands make excellent hiking destinations, with the Corfu Hiking Trail and Skopos Trail in Zakynthos.
Crete is also any hiker's dream destination, with amazing trails in Samaria Gorge, Richtis Gorge and on Lefka Ori.

No matter where you are staying during your trip to Greece, there will always be plenty of opportunities. With so many options, the hardest part is probably choosing which path to follow.

We strongly recommend making this decision based on the trail's difficulty and of course, its length.
Keep in mind that the difficulty of hiking paths in Greece is not only related to the roughness of the terrain but also the weather conditions and the season.
For instance, regions such as the Cycladic islands are a no-go during summer heatwaves. Famous mountain trails such as mount Olympus are also forbidden during the winter due to heavy rainfalls or snowfalls.

If you are interested, don't forget to read: Trekking with historical value: Mount Olympus, Athos, Parnassus

Another thing to consider is whether you're interested in combining hiking with sightseeing.
Many paths that pass through gorges, valleys and mountain sides include visits to monasteries, archaeological sites, abandoned villages or remote chapels.


Hiking in the Peloponnese

• Menalon Trail (75 km)

This is one of the top hikes in Peloponnese, in the mountainous area of Arcadia.
It is one of the most famous trails in Greece and it takes about 5 hours to complete.
It is divided in 8 smaller sections and it passes through valleys, mountains and 9 villages in total (Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Zygovisti, Elati, Vytina, Nymfasia, Magouliana, Valtessiniko and Lagadia).

• Viros Gorge Trail (20 km)

It takes a little over 2 hours to cross Viros Gorge near Kardamyli and although the terrain is rocky, it is not considered an extremely challenging path.
Along the way, you will have the opportunity to admire cliffs, forests, river springs, caves and also stop at the monastery of Lykaki.


Hiking in Central Greece

• Pelion Peninsula

The peninsula of Pelion offers plenty of hiking opportunities, with several paths that start at picturesque villages and cross mythical forests.
Many of these trails pass by streams, ruins and offer spectacular views!
Most routes in this area are easy or moderately difficult and take a few hours to complete.

• Vikos-Aoos National Park - Vikos Canyon Hike (13 km)

Vikos Gorge in Zagorochoria is quite challenging but totally worth it, as it passes through impressive mountains, forests and villages.
It starts at Monodentri village and takes approximately 6 hours.
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• Mount Olympus Hiking (20 km)

For those interested in trying long-distance trail in Greece, Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, takes 2 days to hike, with one night spent at a refuge.
This hike is considered quite demanding because of the elevation gain.
Can you hike to the summit of Mount Olympus? Absolutely, although the use of special equipment will be required as you approach the peak.
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• Meteora Hiking (16 km)

Moderately difficult trails are available at Meteora in Kalambaka, one of the most scenic locations in Greece.
The hike lasts around 5 hours and it is possible to stop at the monasteries along the way. It offers some of the most striking views!
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Hiking in the Cyclades

Some of the most popular destinations in Greece can be found among the Cycladic islands. Although they are mostly known for their amazing beaches, their mountainous landscape resulted in an increasing amount of attention from hiking enthusiasts.

• Naxos: Seven Villages Trail (12 km)

This is the most famous route in Naxos as it offers a chance to get amazing views, pass through olive groves or vineyards and explore picturesque villages and see the famous ancient kouros statues.
Hike duration is approximately 5 hours. This route is considered easy.
Other paths available in Naxos include the Filoti - Mount Zas - Za Cave (8 km) of moderate difficulty.

• Santorini: Hike from Fira to Oia (10 km)

Hiking on Santorini is one of the most popular activities on the island. The scenic hike from Fira to Oia guarantees breathtaking views of the caldera, the volcano and the Aegean Sea and it takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete.
You can also include Skaros Rock in the route. Read more about hiking in Santorini.

• Santorini Volcano Hike (2.5 km)

This short and easy trail on Santorini's neighboring volcanic islet takes you to the volcano's main crater in approximately 20 minutes! The volcano is only accessible with a boat trip.

• Amorgos: Old Strata Trail (20 km)

This 4-hour route in Amorgos starts at Chora (Main Town) and ends in Aegiali.
It is the island's most famous path and it passes by the spectacular Hozoviotissa Monastery
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Another tour in Amorgos is along the ridges of mount Krikelos. The hike begins from Lagada village and on your way you will come across small chapel, Byzantine monastery and a settlement with no electrisity and water.
Lovely sea views are rewarding.
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• Andros: Achla river trecking

Andros is not an ordinary Cycladic island. In contrast with most of the other islands of the complex, Andros has many small rivers and a lush nature.
An alternative way to experience the island, is hiking to Achla river, trekking through it and reaching the Gerolimni waterfall.
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• Mykonos: Armenistis Lighthouse

Although not mostly famous as a hiking destination, Mykonos surely offers some options.
The trail from the Armenistis Lighthouse to Profitis Ilias church, the highest top of the island with its panoramic view is one of them.
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Hiking in Crete

Hiking in Crete is one of the most popular things to do on the island, allowing you to enjoy nature and explore magnificent locations.
Crete is mountainous for the most part, with gorges and mountains that create the perfect opportunities.
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• Samaria Gorge (13 to 16 km)

This is one of the best hikes in Crete. Passing through Samaria Gorge takes between 4 and 7 hours and the trail's difficulty is medium.
You will come across impressive rock formations, forests, ruins and streams.
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• Richtis Gorge trail (9 km)

This trail takes around 3 or 4 hours to complete and it is moderately difficult.
The best seasons to cross the gorge are late spring, summer and early autumn. A waterfall is the biggest highlight of this route.
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• Lefka Ori hiking (10 to 20 km)

Also known as the White Mountains of Crete, Lefka Ori offer some of the best walking trails in Crete.
They are mostly suitable for experienced hikers with a good fitness level and depending on the path you choose, it may take between 3 to 8 hours.
The scenic mountainous landscape is really worth the effort!


Hiking near Athens

Surprisingly, the Attica basin is full of opportunities!
The area surrounding the Greek capital is mountainous, offering a breath of fresh air and wonderful city views to anyone who decides to go on a short hiking adventure.

• Mount Hymettus trail (14 km)

This path takes about 3 hours to finish and it is not particularly demanding, although there is some elevation gain. It passes through a lovely pine forest and allows you to see the Byzantine Monastery of Kaisariani.
In addition, some trails are also suitable for mountain biking and running.

• Mount Parnitha Trail

Conveniently located near Athens, Mount Parnitha offers over 50 trails. The most popular routes in this area are around 10 km long and take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, with varying levels of difficulty.
In addition, some trails are also suitable for mountain biking and running.

• Mount Lycabettus (1.5 km)

This short trail takes about 1 hour and guarantees some of the best views of the urban landscape. In fact, Lycabettus hill is considered one of the best viewpoints in Athens!


Hiking in the Ionian Islands

Similarly to the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands are full of fascinating paths that offer several amazing viewpoints!
The countryside of the Ionian Islands is full of dense vegetation that makes it possible to go on long hikes during the summer.

• Corfu: Walking Trail (220 km)

The walking trail of Corfu is certainly one of the best challenges in Greece.
The long-distance hiking route takes about 10 days to complete and it allows you to explore olive groves, forests, bays, traditional villages and more.

• Zakynthos Skopos Trail (14 km)

This path in Zakynthos takes you from Kalamaki Beach to Mount Skopos. The hike lasts about 4 hours and it is fairly easy.



In any case, for the best experience it is necessary to be prepared accordingly for your own safety.
You are advised to carry an up-to-date and detailed map of the area that includes as many hiking paths as possible.
Online maps and applications may also work but having a non-digital alternative is necessary, since signal is very weak between mountain sides and the weather conditions may be unpredictable during the winter.

It is also recommended to avoid going all alone and go with a guide when possible, especially if you are not familiar with the area.
Unlike trekking, special equipment is not required, with the exception of an athletic outfit, appropriate shoes and a small backpack with all the essentials.