Kite Mykonos in Mykonos

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Location: Korfos

Within a distance of 2,5 km from Mykonos Town, there is Korfos bay, one of the most popular spots for kitesurf lovers in Mykonos. Kite Mykonos is the first kitesurfing school in Mykonos operated by Alexandre Kuzolitz, a Brazilian water sports enthusiast who wants to share his passion for this special sport. The wonderful team of very experienced instructors all shares the same love for the sport and passion for teaching which are the most key factors in order to initiate the newcomers in the world of kite surfing.

Located on the right side of the beautiful and windy bay, their main goal focuses on the learning of kitesurfing, while safety and fun remain a major priority. Korfos bay has turned out to be the ideal location for this adventurous sport, offering the right weather conditions for the training process. It is a natural paradise for kitesurfers due to the right tension of the air. The instructors have managed to create a special environment in which people feel safe and content. The training method includes theory lessons and practices with a trainer before going in the water. It also provides the latest equipment and safety gear to ensure the protection of the body, in all cases. There are kite lessons for everyone in spite of the level or fitness ability.




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