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Most of all, Greece is visited for the amazing beaches, the warm weather and the delicious food.
However, over the last years, the country is getting a popular destination for sports, extreme sports and alternative tourism. First, it was the islands who welcomed some nautical sports in Greece like windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and also trekking, but today new sports companies spring up all over the mainland, where they have the comfort of space to organize more extreme sports, like rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping or even sky diving.

Sports in Greece are gradually developing and many people come to the country to take part in organized activities. Trainers and guides are experienced and many of them have also worked in sports organizations abroad, so they also speak foreign languages well. All locations where Greece sports are organized are magnificent in natural beauty and give to participants gorgeous memories. You wil find bellow a list of sports in Greece one can practice during holidays.

List of summer sports in Greece by type
Sailing in Greece

With two large seas and many islands, Greece is certainly the best country for sailing. In fact, many visitors come to Greece with their yacht and spend their holidays visiting many islands is few days.

Scuba diving in Greece

The seabed of Greece is a fantastic place to discover through diving. It has many reefs and interesting wrecks, some dating even from the old times, and also the water is safe with no strong currents.

Windsurfing in Greece

Windsurfing is largely practised in the Greek islands due to the strong afternoon winds that blow in summer. Popular islands for windsurfing are Paros, Naxos, Lefkada, Rhodes and Kos.

Kitesurfing in Greece

Apart from windsurfing, kite surfing is also developing over the last years in the Greek islands. Great islands for kitesurfing in Greece are Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Lefkada and Mykonos.

Wakeboarding in Greece

Wakeboaring is a new sports in Greece and it is not frequently practised. This is why there are not many wakeboarding centers in the Greek islands to offer courses and rent equipment.

Surfing in Greece

Although surfing in Greece is not as popular as windsurfing and kitesurfing, however there are some nice surfing spots in the country. In fact, the Greek seas are particularly safe for surfing.

Canyoning in Greece

As Greece is a mountainous country with many gorges, canyoning is gradually developing as an extreme sports in Greece. It is mostly practised in the mainland, during spring and autumn.

Trekking in Greece

Walking is a great way to explore the countryside and coastline of Greece. Trekkers will find traditional villages, small bays, ancient sites and spots of great natural beauty on their way.


Canoeing is a popular sports, mostly in the rivers of the Greek mainland, like Ladonas River in Peloponnese and Voidomatis River in Zagoria. Sea canoeing is also practised in few islands.

Horse riding in Greece

Few horse riding centers are scattered around the islands and the mainland, offering to visitors the chance to explore the Greek countryside on horseback. Rides with guides are also organized.

Mountain biking in Greece

The green nature and mountainous terrain of Greece gives great chances for mountain biking. Organized tours and biking excursions are frequently organized in islands and mainland.

Paragliding in Greece

Although paragliding is not a very developed sports in Greece, there are though some places with paragliding centers, such as Lefkada, Crete and Platamonas in Pieria.

Bungee Jumping in Greece

The Corinth Canal is the most famous bunjee jumping spot in Greece. However, the tallest spot is Aradena Gorge in southern Chania, which is also the tallest spot in the Balkans.

Rafting in Greece

Rafting is a popular activity in Greece, particularly in winter and spring time when the rivers have more water. Great rivers for rafting are Voidomatis in Zagoria and Loussios in Peloponnese.

River trekking

River trekking is a sports that requires good physical conditions and special skills. Many companies organize river trekking activities, particularly in the Greek mainland.

Rock climbing in Greece

Greece has some fantastic places for rock climbing. Kalymnos is the best island for climnbing and in fact a climbing festival is organized there every year.

Sky diving in Greece

Sky diving is not a frequent activity in Greece. It is organized only by a couple of companies close to Athens, not in the islands. Sky dives are accompanied by trainer.

Golf in Greece

Many large resorts and hotel chains in Greece have golf courts, such as Afandou Golf Court in Rhodes, Corfu Golf Club, Porto Karras in Halkidiki and Elounda Mare Golf Course in Crete.

Ski in Greece

Although it seems hard to imagine, Greece has many ski centers in the mainland. The most popular are Mount Parnassus Ski Center close to Delphi and Mount Pelion Ski Center.

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