Rafting in Greece is getting popular, thanks to the country’s wild landscapes and rivers! The most popular areas to practice rafting in Greece lie in Northern Greece and Peloponnese.

In Northern Greece, the best areas to do rafting are Arachthos river in Epirus, as well as Tavropos and Megdovas rivers in Evritania, Central Greece. In Peloponnese, you can do rafting in Loussios and Alfios Rivers in Arcadia.

The difficulty of these rafting paths vary. There are some parts that require a previous rafting experience, while there are others that are suitable for beginners.

In any case, most clubs that organize rafting adventures in Greece also offer courses for novices. Note that some excursions last for more than one day and may combine rafting with other activities, such as trekking or horseback riding.

Alpine Zone
Alpine Zone proposes rafting on Voidomatis river and excursions in Tzoumerka.
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Greek Adventure
Greek Adventure proposes rafting on Aliakmonas river, near Meteora but also in Grevena.
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Explore Messinia
Explore Messinia proposes rafting down the Lousios River.
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Trecking Hellas
Trecking Hellas proposes rafting excursions in Mont Olympus and Grevena.
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