Bungee jumping in Greece is the ultimate experience!

Bungee jumping is an adventure sports activity that has become very popular all around the world! Its history begun many years ago from Pentecost island, in the southwest Pacific Ocean, where a native tribe used it as a process to choose its leaders. Boys, at the age of 16, used to climb on wooden 20 m high scaffolds, tie tendrils around their ankles and jump. Most of the boys were getting seriously injured and others even losing their lives. However, those who managed to survive used to become the leaders of the whole tribe.

Today, bungee jumping is one of the most famous extreme sports! Bungee jumping in Greece has become very popular during the last decade. Although at the beginning there was a terror in the sight of an audacious bungee jumper, now more and more people dare to try this daring extreme sport.

Famous bungee spots in Greece

  • - The bridge of Chalkida, about 100 km to the north of Athens.
  • - The Corinth Channel, a bridge 100m high.
  • - The Gorge of Aradena in Crete island, close to Anopolis in Chania, the highest bridge in the Balkans.

Bungee Jumping clubs in Greece

Zulu Bungy Jump
Isthmos Corinth Channel, Corinth Greece (Bridge 100 meters)
Book your jump online! Jumps are very popular, so you should book it promptly!

Liquid Bungee Team
Aradena bridge in Chania (138m high, the highest bridge in the Balkans)