River trekking in Greece includes trekking, climbing and swimming along rivers.

In some cases, rock climbing, climbing on wet surfaces and a variety of other activities are parts of exploring rivers and valleys. River trekking requires the skills to coordinate the body parts, to deal with sudden weather changes and to find escape routes in case of danger.

The wild landscapes and rivers of Greece create ideal conditions for river trekking in Greece. River trekking excursions in Greece are usually organized between May and October, because this is when the weather is milder, thus more appropriate and less dangerous for the river trekkers.

You can do river trekking in Greece in many mainland areas, including Pantavrexi in Evritania, Central Greece, Neda River in Peloponnese, Geropotamos Gorge in Central Macedonia, Korinthos and Kompsatos in Xanthi, Thrace and in many areas of Crete.

There are many river trekking clubs around Greece that organize such activities. To participate, you have to be in excellent physical condition and be a good swimmer. Some river trekking clubs can provide you with the necessary equipment, or you can ask for information in order the purchase it yourself.

For more information, you can contact the following organizations:

Trekking Hellas
Rethymnou 10, Athens

Cretan Adventures
10, Evans Str. Heraklion, Crete