Santorini Kitesurfing

How you ever dreamed to kite in the Agean sea? Can you imagine kiting in Santorini with the view of the caldera? Well, kitesurfing in Santorini is now possible! For some years now, a kitesurfing school has opened its doors in Monolihos beach, offerering courses and rentals.
As for most islands of the Cyclades, the wind is frequent during summer. The spot of Monolithos offers north-east wind ranging from 15 to 20 knots. The spot gets wavy above 18 knots and wave riding is possible.

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We strongly recommend you to get yourself enrolled in one of the many courses provided by SantoriniKite.

Located at Monolithos Beach, on the south-east coastline of Santorini island, this is an amazing hub for kitesurfing. In summer, the blowing Meltemi winds makes kitesurfing incredibly safe for beginners and on the other hand, just after 20 knots, advanced riders can also join in on the fun as the small reef creates fantastic waves. This explains why it has become the premier spot for kitesurfing in Santorini. The spot also attracts windsurfers and even surfer and SUP lovers. The spot is advantageous for kitesurfing, primarily due to good wind conditions. Situated at the airport area, next to Kamari beach, at a distance of just 9kms from Fira, SantoriniKite is extremely easy to access.

Initially, in terms of basics, you will learn how to ride the first meters on the board. Soon you will be successfully attempting upwind sessions and then even high jumps or wave riding. In the advanced lessons, you will learn jumps and tricks, transitions, back rolls, unhooked, kite loops, and wave riding. You will learn how to use a surfboard with or without straps, turns, manoeuvres, and how to get the waves.

If you are ready to jump aboard the kitesurfing hype, enrol into any of the lessons, that SantoriniKite conducts everyday between 10 am to 18 pm in small groups of 2 to 3 people.
Let your fears and hesitation away and join the absolute fun of Kitesurfing in Santorini.