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The volcanic geological background of the island offers excellent chances for scuba diving. Many centers have opened over the last few years, particularly in popular tourist places, like Perissa, Kamari, and Perivolos. These diving centers offer courses for all ages and levels, rent the necessary equipment for individual dives and organize boat trips. Read more

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Dive Center

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Diving has become a popular sport in the recent times and many tourists prefer to explore the volcanic island by diving underwater. Santorini Dive Center operates from Perissa Beach as well as Akrotiri and has quick access to all good sites, which can be easily reached from the dive station at the ...
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The Mediterranean Diving Club, established in Perissa Beach in 1998, is a reputed center for diving and imparts a range of courses, from snorkeling for the beginner, to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) advanced open water diving.

Atlantis Oia

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Atlantis Oia is the perfect place for both beginners and experienced divers, offering multiple underwater activities around the caldera. Diving, snorkeling and private boat tours are available, along with various professional diving courses.

Caldera Center

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Caldera diving is a diving center, located on the island of Santorini, 100 mt from Perivolos beach. Caldera diving is a certified member of PADI, and they provide all the programs.

Dive In Action

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Dive in Action on Perissa is perfect for those who love diving and wish to combine it with protecting the underwater environment. Many actions and activities concerning the ecosystem take place, where participants can explore an interesting scenery of volcanic formations and unique plants and ...

Navy's Waterworld

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Navy's Dive Center is a PADI 5 Star IDC Center and a part of Navy's Club which also has a bar, restaurant and internet cafe. You will find us on the beach walk in the village of Kamari on Santorini Island. We are a member of the Swedish dive corporation Dykterminalen. We offer daily ...

Aegean Divers

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From January of 2010, the Aegean Divers offer an unforgettable scuba diving experience on the island of Santorini. Recently moved to Vlychada Marina, the Aegean Divers offer various programs and packages for both beginners and "pro" divers.

Volcano Center

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Located at Hotel Dolphins in the middle of Kamari beach, the Volcano Dive Center started its operation in Santorini in 1999. The dive crew at the centre has over 30 years of experience in training scuba divers of various skill levels, right from pleasure divers to deep wreck divers who can sink to a ...

More about Scuba Diving in Santorini

As Pierre-Yves Cousteau, whose father had explored the seabed of Santorini in the hope of discovering the lost city of Atlantis, has said, the island offers a combination of “crystal clear waters and dramatically impressive underwater landscapes.” Though the quest for the legendary city remained fruitless, it has brought to light the beauty of the largest underwater caldera in the world, which reaches an impressive depth of at least 400 meters!

Thanks to the tremendous volcanic eruptions that have shaken the island over the centuries, Santorini provides a unique panorama of underwater caves, lava formations, seagrass meadows and awe-inspiring cliffs, attracting divers from all over the world.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this magical aquatic realm, through a variety of scuba diving programs addressed not only to experienced divers but also to complete beginners!

Best scuba diving spots in Santorini

The Volcano

With its stunning volcanic rock formations that form a sharp 70-meter drop, the volcano is definitely one of the most spectacular scuba diving sites. Located around the Nea Kameni and the Palea Kameni islands, it houses a wealth of sea creatures, from corals and sponges to lobsters and large colorful fish.

Swimming right next to the hot springs, you will also get the chance to explore three wrecks, one of which, the Santa Maria in the Taxiarchis Bay, lies at an easily accessible depth of 18 meters. A World War II boat is also ideal for amateur divers, as it rests only 13 meters under the surface of the sea. The third one, the Tugboat, can be reached only by advanced open-water divers, as it lies at a depth of 30 meters.

Perissa Rock and Kamari

Besides their impressive black sand, Perissa and Kamari boast massive volcanic rocks that look like an underwater labyrinth. Many of the rock formations are covered by sponges and corals, offering shelter to octopuses, moray eels and shellfish.

The lava caves

Located on the southern coast of Santorini, 20 minutes away from Caldera Beach, the lava caves are a combination of stunning underwater caverns and chasms populated by various Mediterranean marine species. With a maximum depth of only 10 meters, they are immensely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada is one of the loveliest beaches you will find on the island and it stands out for its artificial underwater museum; in its shallow waters, divers will have the chance to enjoy a submarine park filled with statues and amphorae!

The Adiavatos reef

Stretching near the rim of the caldera, this is one of the most ravishing reefs around Santorini. Ruins of the ancient Akrotiri are still partly visible under the water, so legend has it that this may even be the site of the lost Atlantis. Whether that is true or not, Adiavatos is covered with shellfish and invertebrates, while, if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of barracudas and groupers.


Aspronisi (which means “White Island”) is an uninhabited islet on the western edge of the caldera, boasting 9 different diving sites whose depth ranges from 7 to 30 meters. It offers majestic wall dives amid volcanic rocks covered with colorful sponges and corals. Watch out for kaleidoscopic nudibranchs, shrimps and large groupers or barracudas.

House Reef

Located offshore of the Santorini Dive Center station and extending into the Caldera, this is a well-protected reef where fishing is prohibited. Thus, it looks like a mini marine park that is even more abundant than the other diving sites.


Twenty minutes away from Akrotiri, off the coast of Thirassia, lies the Mansell Reef, whose depth contrasts make it a must-visit diving destination. Starting at 6 meters, it is characterized by an impressive 200-meter-deep wall, and is one of the most vivid spots in terms of marine life.

Good to know

- Not being a physically demanding activity, scuba diving is for anyone over 10 years of age. The only requirements are to have some basic swimming skills and to provide a medical certificate from a local doctor.
- The absence of strong currents and tides, the moderate temperature of the waters and the extraordinary visibility at least 20 to 30 meters below the surface of the sea guarantee an absolutely unforgettable experience.
- It is not advisable to board a plane for up to 12 hours after your last dive.