Santorini Scuba Diving

The volcanic geological background of the island offers great chances for scuba diving in Santorini. Many diving centers have opened over the last years, particularly in popular tourist places, like Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos. These diving centers offer diving courses for all ages and levels, rent the necessary equipment for individual dives and organize boat trips.

Interesting Santorini diving sites are found within the caldera lagoon, but also on the Aegean side of the island. Among them is the Faros Reef located just after the lighthouse on the inside of the caldera and great for beginners, the Caves Lagoon off the beach of Kamari, the Perissa Rock and the Nea Kameni island (volcano) where there is also the shipwreck of a tour boat.

What are the best Scuba Diving clubs in Santorini? Discover below 8 Scuba Diving clubs for Scuba Diving in Santorini. We have marked our favorite ones with a ❤. Some scuba diving centers propose online bookings! Just click on .

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Visiting Santorini and not checking out its incredibly vibrant scuba-diving scene is a pity. Which is why we have shortlisted the best hubs of Santorini Scuba diving for you.

The first name on our list is the amazing Santorini Dive Center, which is situated at the start of the beach road of Perissa, right between the campings' beach bar and Yazz bar. It is a PADI Dive Center. Quick access to all the diving hotspots, including the Caldera Beach in Akrotiri, has turned Santorini Dive Center into one of the epicentres of Santorini Scuba diving activities. The Center offers numerous courses and packages for beginners, as well as for certified professionals. Their wild catalogue includes 1 and 2 tank dive, private dive, and non-certified diving lessons. The last programme is specially designed for beginners as 2-hour lessons that allow you to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of scuba-diving through the guidance of experienced instructors.

The next popular Scuba diving hub on our list is the Mediterranean Dive club located also at Perissa beach, by the side of Tranquilo. The credentials of the club speak for themselves, given the experienced team here participated as the safety crew, in the shooting of the 2003 Hollywood film LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER. The club offers private and group dives, along with speed boat safari. The club also hosts special diving courses for children over the age of 6. One of the club's specialities is how it arranges great underwater experiences for its guests, including underwater wedding and professional photoshoots.

Known for its diving excursions, our next recommendation is a true encapsulation of what the Scuba diving scene of Santorini has to offer. Atlantis Oia Dive Center is situated in the village of Oia. It is one of the premier hubs for underwater excursions. The talented team of professionals here will help you explore the mesmerizing Caldera and its beautiful surroundings. You get to enjoy cave diving, wall diving, and reed diving. Their plethora of services provided by Atlantis Oia Dive Center includes diving excursions, diving courses, snorkelling excursions, private diving tours, private boat excursions, and speedboat training school.

The next spot on our list belongs to the scuba diving haven that can help you develop your diving skills, which is the famous Caldera Diving. Located at Perivilos beach, the resort offers a range of diving opportunities for beginners or non-certified amateurs, as well as professional divers. It includes snorkeling tours, scuba diving, freediving, daily cruises, and so on. However, the PADI courses offered by Caldera Diving are their speciality and definitely worth your time, because of how professionally organised and methodical they are in their approach to improving your diving skills. You will be provided with both knowledge and practical skills, that make you eligible to attain PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, which is the top rating for a non-professional diver.

Located also at Perissa Beach, our next recommendation has revolutionised the Santorini Scuba diving landscape by giving precedence to Environmental and wildlife protection in their messaging, as well as in practice. Dive in Action is formed by the association "Santorini Active Volcanic Environment", which is dedicated to alleviating the adverse underwater effects of marine debris and preventing trash from polluting the ocean. Dive in Action combines the thrill of scuba-diving with environmental awareness to provide a truly meaningful experience to its guests. These experiences include scuba courses, diving excursions, diving courses, private diving, boat tours, snorkelling excursions, and the special highlight called the "Volcanic Diver". You will also get to explore, and lend a hand in protecting a natural underwater museum.

Another strong recommendation is reserved for the best PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center and dive club in Santorini, known as Navy’s Waterworld. Located at Kamari beach, this centre offers regular scuba diving trips, PADI courses and snorkelling trips for certified divers, as well as beginners. The centre's expertise in a range of diving activities including the volcano, wreck, night, wall, cavern, deep, and reef. There are several tours and packages offered by the centre, covering impressive 39 dive spots around Santorini. The centre also provides customized diving services, along with separate night and day packages.

The Aegean divers hold the next spot on our list of recommendations because of their distinct place in Santorini Scuba diving scene. Located in Pyrgos village, this centre facilitates recreational diving, at all levels. So whether you are a certified diver or an amateur currently in training, Aegean Divers offers a range of individual and group dive packages for you to choose from.

The last name on our list is the Volcano Dive Center. It is located in Kamari, by the side of the Dolphins Hotel, just 20m away from the sea, where a great diving experience awaits you.

We hope you find this list helpful in guiding you towards the prime locations that splendidly encapsulates the Santorini Scuba diving experience.