Santorini Watersports

Santorini is a popular tourist destination therefore, there are many clubs offering watersports in Santorini. You can find them on the most popular beaches on the island: Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos but also Oia. This is where visitors can find lots of water games and other activities to spend a fun day at the beach. The games of Santorini watersports centers vary from the typical jet ski and runner boats to Stand Up Paddle.

What are the best Watersports clubs in Santorini? Discover below 6 Watersports clubs for Watersports in Santorini. We have marked our favorite ones with a ❤. Some water-sports centers propose online bookings! Just click on .
These water-sports centers propose Jet Skiing, Flyboard / Hoverboard, Stand up Paddle, Jet Boating, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Windsurfing and more.

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Let's get into various offered Santorini Watersports one at a time:

Sea Kayaking

The soothing sensation of rolling in waters in a kayak is not limited to lakes. In Santorini, one can enjoy the sea kayaking too. Near Perivolos beach, there are many clubs for a guided kayaking tour or kayak rentals, if they want to experience independently. Enjoying the exhilarating views of the Caldera and Volcano in the excursion is a great positive. One can also go snorkelling &swimming in the blue waters of Santorini after paddling till the southern coast.


Among the more thrilling and new watersports activities available for adventures is wakeboarding in Kamari Beach. With no winds and still lake conditions in the early mornings, this gratifying watersports is a joy to relinquish. This tow sport is addictive and getting trained by certified professionals doesn't take long too.


Gliding over the water in a parachute tied with a boat while taking in the view of Perivolos Beach is extraordinarily fascinating. Experiencing everything from a height of 300 feet over the water is unforgettable. And if it is the sunset one is aiming to go for, evenings are the best, making the whole activity a very satisfying thrill with the beautiful backdrop.

Jet ski safari

Jetski safari is a lifetime worth of adventure one should not miss at any cost. This thrilling recreational activity is a gem among the available watersports. To fall in love with the black beaches and blue waters of Santorini there are usually two standard tours - one taking around the south coast while the other takes around the volcano. Snorkelling & enjoying the beaches in the route are relaxing activities one can do before completing the tour. Overall, jetski safari is a water sport which is a must-do when visiting Santorini.

Pedal boat

The pedal boat is the precise thing to look for if it is a family vacation. With the capacity of carrying 4 individuals, pedal boating is a great fun activity for children and recreational exercise for adults. And let's not forget the marvellous scenery of azure waters and sky. It is a great mild activity to converse the beaches.


Santorini is also a destination to enjoy surfing. Some watersports clubs propose windsurfing and kitesurfing sessions and lessons.


The stand-up paddleboarding is an exhilarating experience to observe the anticipated beautiful waters of Santorini and requires a little bit of training. The fun cum training recreational activity is a hit among the tourists when visiting Santorini. Professionals and clubs are present near the Perivolos beach and Oia. The sandy beaches and calm waters provide the best possible situations to relish paddle boarding.


Flyboarding is one of the extreme watersports people enjoy and is a pretty new trend among the tourists. Flying, jumping, diving in and out of the cool and blue water of the sea is invigorating and is a must engage activity when visiting Santorini. With the freestyle movements and freedom, flyboarding gives the rider a unique and memorable sensation paired with the breathtaking views of the beaches.

Crazy squab

Crazy squab is perfectly tailored recreational activity among the various watersports when going in a group. Riding the rough waves tied up with harnesses on an inflatable sofa together in the middle of the sea is something unique one can indulge in when visiting Santorini.

So when looking for a trip filled with thrills and sensational sceneries, the Greek island of Santorini is an excellent destination. From the breathtaking sunsets and views of the volcanic islands and spectacular beaches is just the cherry on the top. Santorini Watersports is something all tourists should engage in to appreciate the wonders of the sea and real beauty to full potential. From extreme watersports to wave riding sports or simple canoeing there is a lot to do and admire.