Mykonos Things to Do

We have gathered a list of the best things to do in Mykonos, which includes the absolute must-sees and must-dos on the famous island: places to visit, attractions, where to swim, activities, tours, where to eat, and more.

In brief, the top places to visit are Chora (the main village) and the famous Little Venice, while the top activities are relaxing on the beautiful beaches, dining in fancy restaurants, and partying at famous nightclubs.

Open the table of contents to see our proposals of 15+ best things to do once in Mykonos.

Sunset at Little Venice

1. Sunset at "Little Venice"

Category: Sights

The most unique area in Mykonos Town is known as Little Venice.
Waterfront Cycladic houses with colorful, wooden balconies are kissed by the waves of the Aegean, creating a photogenic seascape with a romantic atmosphere.
It is even possible to stay in one of the houses and enjoy exclusive views of Mykonos' most poetic sunset.
Little Venice bay can also be admired from the area of Alefkandra and the windmills a few steps south.
Tip: Sunset is the best time to find yourself in Little Venice. Note that if you want to grab a drink at one of the seafront bars, booking a table in advance is recommended.

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Shopping alleys of Chora

2. Stroll around Chora, the Main Town

Category: Villages

As soon as you arrive on the island, its capital Town welcomes you for a vacation full of vivid colors.
The traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses right by the sea and the stone-paved alleys create a fairytale-like environment!
You can either enjoy a shopping spree at the sophisticated boutiques or savor a refreshing drink at the scattered chic cocktail bars.
After dusk, a plethora of bars and clubs await you to join the party scene until dawn.

What to do: Take photos at the traditional windmills • Have a romantic dinner by the sea • Meet Petros the Pelican • Visit Mykonos Archaeological Museum

Explore Chora

Super Paridise beach

3. Swim at the most amazing beaches

Category: Beaches

Mykonos stands out for its long golden shores that attract thousands of visitors and offer great facilities, including lively beach bars.
Alternatively, you can board a water taxi. Its departing point is Platis Gialos beach and it approaches 7 of the most popular beaches on the island: Ornos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, and Elia. For one ticket to the beach plus a return ticket, the price is 10 €. If you want access to numerous beaches, a one-day ticket costs 20 €.
Note: The famous beaches get very crowded. It is highly recommended to book your sunbeds online in advance!
Some of the beaches that you need to include in your bucket list are:

Paradise Beach: The bay of Paradise has been a tourist hotspot since the 1980s and houses beach bars and clubs. It enhances its partying ambiance with daily events by world-class DJs. While enjoying its crystalline waters, you may also visit the watersport facilities available for an adrenaline boost. The best thing to do is pack your best swimsuit and get ready to dance the evening away!

Super Paradise Beach: Situated next to Paradise Beach, Super Paradise can be reached via a water taxi or bus. It is quite vivid throughout the summer season.
Known as Greece's most queer-friendly bay, it attracts travelers from all around the world. Especially during the high season, numerous night-long parties are organized on the beach.

Psarou beach: One of the most popular beaches on the island lies only 4 km from the Town (Chora). It is famous for its luxury beach bars, restaurants, and resorts.
It is sandy, with calm turquoise waters, and almost entirely covered with sunbeds and sun umbrellas. One of the most popular beach bar-restaurants on the island, Nammos, is located there.

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The Wild Hotel

4. Book a stay at a boutique hotel

Mykonos is known for its luxurious attitude, posh facilities, and top-quality accommodation. Such an ambiance is maintained at the leading boutique hotels and villas.
Some of the best hotels are Cavo Tagoo in Tagoo, Kensho in Ornos, Bill and Coo in Megali Ammos & Mykonos Grand Resort in Agios Ioannis.
They set high standards concerning providing visitors with everything they could ask for. Excellent views, astonishing aesthetics, crystal clear infinity pools, and a fascinating gastronomic scene are only one aspect of the experience!

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Ok Car Rental agency

5. Explore Mykonos with your own car

Category: Move around

Renting a car or a scooter is the easiest way to move around the island without relying on buses.
It will offer you the opportunity to set your schedule while you will also have the chance to visit remote places or beaches that are not reachable by bus.
On the other hand, parking might be an inconvenience, especially in Chora.
In cooperation with the best local agencies, we offer the best prices and our service is rated . Learn more.

Rent your car with us!

Hippie Fish Restaurant

6. Eat at the best restaurants

Category: Eat & Drink

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do is to taste the different kinds of cuisine offered. Mykonos has a fascinating and diverse gastronomic scene, from local taverns with a traditional aura to luxurious restaurants for fine dining.
Dining at some of the finest restaurants should be a part of your list!

Greek cuisine, both on its own and as a part of Mediterranean gastronomy, is internationally renowned.
The cozy tavern To Maereio in Town and Fokos at Myrsini bay are two exquisite places to try homemade Greek dishes.

When looking for an upscale dining experience, several restaurants can meet the expectations of even the most demanding palates.
Don't miss some of the most popular ones: Matsuhisa (Japanese fusion in Town), Coo, Hippie Fish (Greek-Mediterranean flavors in Agios Ioannis), and Nammos (Mediterranean fusion in Psarou).

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Mykonian Spiti Cooking workshops

7. Learn greek recipes with a local

Category: Workshops

Located In the heart of Mykonos, in the traditional village of Messaria, Mykonian Spiti offers a well-structured culinary seminar where guests learn to master the basics of traditional Greek cuisine. You will have the chance to collect vegetables and cook authentic Greek recipes following the instructions of a local chef. When the meal is ready, you will be served and eat it, accompanied by crisp wine, at the premises of this lovely stone-built Mykonian house.


Nightlife in the bars of Little Venice

8. Experience the nightlife

Category: Nightlife

The island is world-famous for its nightlife. Getting in one of the nightclubs or, at least, try a cocktail in the many bars, must be added to your bucket list.
Some of the best bars and clubs to visit are:

Cavo Paradiso: As an internationally acknowledged party hub, Cavo Paradiso club is where you want to be for an unforgettable clubbing experience.
All the partying takes place around its Mykonos-shaped swimming pool, the main attraction on the spot. With world-acclaimed DJs frequenting the club, including Carl Cox and David Guetta, the legendary parties at Cavo Paradiso can easily attract over 3.000 people.

180° Sunset: For a more chilled-out atmosphere and exotic cocktails with a panoramic view, don't skip a visit to 180° Sunset Bar. This is an open rooftop bar located at Castle Panigirakis, which offers breathtaking views of the sunset, the stars, the sea, and the town.

Jackie O’: Jackie O’ is another must-visit bar. It is located just below Paraportiani church and is ideal for sunset cocktails and dancing all night long. Drag shows also take place every night, adding a spicy note.

Caprice Bar: While you're in town, you may also stop by for a drink at the mythical Caprice Bar, which is situated in the quarter of Little Venice.
It offers some of the best views on the island, along with exotic cocktails and an upbeat ambiance.

Kastro's: In addition, nestled in Little Venice, the cozy pillows of Kastro's are perfect for a stop. From there, you will enjoy a refreshing beverage while gazing at the ever-blue Aegean Sea.

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Boat trip to Delos

9. Boat trip to Delos & Rhenia

A visit to the uninhabited islet of Delos is one of the most popular things to do in Mykonos. Various day tours allow you to visit that small island near Mykonos and see what makes it so special.
Delos is a major historical landmark. Known as the sacred island of antiquity, Delos used to be one of the greatest sanctuaries of Ancient Greece and an island with great political power due to its location.
Its archeological site constitutes a World Heritage Site. A museum has been established on the island to display some interesting archeological findings.

Several boats and sailing tours go to Delos and the island of Rhenia. The nearby uninhabited islets are ideal for a day's visit! Don't skip adding one of the following tours to your list!

• Visit Delos Sacred Island

The most popular destination that you can easily reach is the sacred island of Delos, which is currently uninhabited but bears great historical importance. At only a 40-minute boat ride away, Delos offers a deep insight into the ancient past, having served as a major religious pilgrimage location and a political center. Numerous archaeological findings remain intact in their original locations. Others are currently housed in the Archeological Museum of Delos.

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• Sailing Tour to Delos and Rhenia

Rhenia islet is also highly recommended as it takes only a few hours of sailing to get there. This small uninhabited island is ideal for day trips. Its past is intertwined with Delos since Rhenia once served as its necropolis(cemetery).
While both islands still attain ruins of ancient temples and Byzantine churches, Rhenia is visited mainly for its crystal clear waters.
If you want to balance out the busy atmosphere of Mykonos, spending a day sunbathing on Rhenia is an excellent choice. Booking a boat tour to both islands is strongly recommended!

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• Luxury Catamaran boat trips

A cruise on a luxury vessel is the perfect way to recharge and have fun. Those who seek to escape the crowds and enjoy privacy and tranquility for a day should consider taking a cruise on a fancy catamaran.
Although no stopovers to Delos and Rhenia are included in that cruise, sailing in the turquoise waters of the Aegean sea is a fun thing to do.
You will get to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe on the deck. In addition, you will be able to gaze at the sunset and enjoy the most peaceful moments, accompanied by a delicious meal with wine.

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The monasteri of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera

10. Go sightseeing

Category: Sights

Have a break from partying and visit some of the local landmarks!

Windmills: While you are in town, don't forget to take a close-up shot of the windmills - a true open-air museum!
The lovely photogenic buildings are considered the signature landmark of the island.
They were once used to crush wheat and cereals. Although no longer functional, they are well-preserved. The windmills remind us of the past of the island and the way the strong Cycladic winds attributed to the process of grinding grains a century ago.

Paraportiani Church: Another impressive building you have to see is the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, an eccentric set of buildings that consists of five different churches. The oldest one dates back to the 14th century!
The intriguing orthodox church can easily be reached on foot from Little Venice.

Armenistis Lighthouse: In order to enjoy some peace on the busy island, a peaceful location is the Lighthouse of Armenistis.
The lighthouse, a sentinel of the old maritime traditions of Mykonos, is presently under the Hellenic Navy's Hydrographic Office's wing.
Taking a road from Agios Stefanos, it can be found atop the edge of the hill, overlooking the azure Aegean.
The spot offers marvelous sea views - notably when the sunset paints the horizon in shades of crimson and gold.

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani: Another major attraction is the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera.
Named after an icon of the Virgin Mary found near Tourlos, the monastery was initially built in 1542 by two priests and restored in 1767.
The contrast between its Cycladic architecture and some red details, as well as the outdoor marble murals and exquisite yard fountain, creates an imposing aura.
The interior is even more elaborate, with a hand-painted altar screen and icons of saints dating back to 1775.

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Vioma winery

11. Savor delicious wines

Category: Eat & Drink

We are firm believers that tasting the local flavors provides a deep insight into the tradition of the place you are visiting.
That is definitely the case with Mykonos, especially when it comes to wine-making traditions. The island's rich soil, windy nature, and mild winter climate allow its viticulture to thrive, resulting in excellent wines with a deep, earthy flavor.
We recommend incorporating a winery visit into your itinerary.
In the picturesque village of Ano Mera, the top-notch winery Vioma welcomes travelers to its viticultural setting and vineyards. It presents its finest quality wines, including but not limited to Athiri, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, and Mandilari.
Interestingly, during the growth of grapes, classical music is played to enhance their quality traits!
Another option is the Mykonian Farm.
A guided wine-tasting tour is the best way to learn about Mykonian wine. Make your reservation as soon as possible!

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Kitesurfing session in Ornos

12. Have fun with sea-related activities

Category: Sports

Spend a day indulging in the watersports available on the beaches of Mykonos!
Some of the most adventurous water sports centers are situated on the golden beaches of Kalafatis and Platis Gialos.
You can rent a high-speed jet ski or try windsurfing and kitesurfing (independently or with an experienced instructor to guide you).

Watersports: The beaches, especially Super Paradise beach, are the ideal playgrounds for watersports. Their waters are calm and the certified schools will give you the perfect opportunity to add some fun to an otherwise lazy day at the beach.
Equipment and lessons are provided, all while taking the necessary safety measures.
Jet Ski: Renting a jet ski is a good option for everyone over 15 years old. It will offer you an amusing experience regardless of your fitness level. It is easy to learn, and a professional can show you how to handle it.
Wakeboarding: That new trend has become very popular on the island. Everyone over 8 is welcome to take a lesson and enjoy the ride!
Flyboard: Last but not least, Flyboard is one of the most exciting watersports available.

Scuba Diving: Another intriguing activity seems to be scuba diving. If you are already enjoying the Aegean, go one step further and explore the seabed with a scuba-diving adventure. One of Greece's top diving centers, Mykonos Diving Center, has been welcoming sea enthusiasts since 1978.
The devoted personnel and diving instructors ensure a pleasant, safe, and exciting underwater experience! Applying all safety protocols, the center provides all the necessary equipment while actively trying to live up to the expectations of every diver.

Kitesurfing: Mykonos is also known as the island of the winds. For that reason, it has been gaining popularity as a kitesurfing destination during the last decade.
The intriguing sport is available at Korfos bay, a famous kitesurfing hub. The bay is only 2.5 km away from Chora, making it easy to visit.
There, Kite Mykonos Center welcomes everyone who wants to give it a shot.
The experienced instructor Alexandre Kuzolitz ensures that every participant is safe and properly equipped.

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Louis Vuitton boutique in town

13. Indulge in shopping therapy

Category: Shopping

Luxurious fashion stores are an absolute must if you want to renew your summer outfit collection.
You will encounter world-renowned designer brands that fascinate any fashion enthusiast by offering a selection of the trendiest clothes and accessories for your wardrobe.
Your stay on the island is the right moment to indulge in a high-end shopping spree and discover the best-hidden gems while strolling around the picturesque alleys!
After all, a summer vacation would be incomplete without at least one shopping pilgrimage to the haute couture temples of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and more.
When shopping is your call, we believe it is worth splurging a bit in order to be among the most fashionable people on the island!

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Helicopter transfer to Santorini

14. Visit Santorini by helicopter

Book a private helicopter transfer between Mykonos and Santorini and enjoy a luxurious flight above the Aegean Sea!
Private helicopter transfers are a fast, fun, and safe way to get from one island to the other. They allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Cycladic landscape like no other.
During the transfer, you will see the most beautiful places on the islands from a distance, including lovely whitewashed villages, impressive cliffs, and the famous volcano of Santorini. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth every penny!

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Cine Manto Open Air Cinema

15. Watch a movie at an open-air cinema

Category: Other Businesses

Few things compare to an open-air movie night with fresh popcorn and a soft drink during the Greek summer time!
Luckily, Cine Manto in town offers a romantic environment underneath the stars, where movie enthusiasts can happily gather to watch classic and blockbuster movies screening daily.
The cinema is open throughout the entire tourist season and it offers a bar-restaurant to cater to its guests.
Promising one of the most delightful summer night experiences, a starlit screening is something not to be skipped!

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SantAnna Seaside Pool

16. Relax & party at SantAnna - a huge seaside pool

Category: Eat & Drink

Shifting from Paradise to the neighboring Paranga bay, we come across one of the most elegant establishments of Mykonos: the SantAnna beach bar & restaurant.
Founded in 2017, it features the largest seaside swimming pool in Europe!
It provides two separate bars, a top-notch fusion cuisine restaurant, and a variety of lavish beauty salons.
The SantAnna experience is exceptionally well-rounded, leaving nothing to chance. Guests can relax by the pool on the comfortable sun loungers, frolic in the pool, or savor a sushi plate with flavorful shisha.
Every summer, numerous music events, and private parties take place on its premises.

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Agrari beach

17. Escape the crowds at unspoiled beaches

Category: Beaches

The majority of beach photos depict crowded, organized shores with huge beach bars and restaurants.
Keep in mind that there is another side to this cosmopolitan Cycladic island, more serene and pure.

Agios Sostis bay: One of the best-unspoiled beaches is the bay of Agios Sostis, located a bit further away from the bustling southern beaches.
While no public transportation is available nearby, a rental vehicle can easily take you there.
The untouched golden shore is 250 meters long, with crystal clear waters. It is secluded and ideal for a private plunge.

Fokos bay: Another great secret spot is Fokos bay on the northern side of the island. It is an unorganized bay with no facilities besides a traditional tavern nearby. That hidden gem remains tranquil even during high season and is only reachable with private vehicles.

Agrari: Last but not least, the shimmering beach of Agrari is another quiet area you could opt for. Located near Elia bay, the two create a vast 8 km coastline of powder-like sand and indigo waters that captivate one's heart. Agrari beach is pristine, with only one small cafeteria and a handful of sun loungers. The path leading down to it is narrow and steep, so caution is essential.

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Ano Mera village

18. Explore the authentic Ano Mera village

Category: Villages

Ano Mera provides a much calmer setting compared to the overwhelmingly busy alleys of the main town. At only 8.3 km from Chora, this cozy Cycladic village remains authentic and tranquil since it has not become as touristy as other Mykonian locations.
It is the second largest settlement on the island, flaunting a beautifully paved central square and several landmarks: the church of Panagia Tourliani, the uphill Gyzi Castle, and the Paleokastro Monastery all lie there.
Some cafes and restaurants are also located around.
Not to miss: Visit an authentic Mykonian farm and participate in the farm operations.

Explore Ano Mera

19. Are you an animal lover? Visit Mykonos Animal Welfare

Category: Other

Mykonos Animal Welfare is a legal charity established in 2005. Since then, it has been involved actively in the health and welfare of animals on the island. Their main objectives are education, sterilizations, emergency vet care, feeding, and rehoming abandoned cats and dogs.
Visit their website:




Best things to do for couples


  • Book a room with a private pool
    Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island, with its famous well-organized beaches continuously crowded during the high season. Booking a room with a private pool will allow you and your partner to plunge into clear waters and enjoy the scenery at your convenience. Discover the best hotels with private pools!
  • Watch the sunset from the Windmills
    Mykonos Town is an excellent location for gazing at the sunset. However, the trademark windmills at the end of the promenade may be the most idyllic location to watch the sun submerge into the sea while hues of red gradually appear in the blue sky. The overall scenery is more than bewitching, so taking a few photos there during that time of the day is totally recommended! Discover the best hotels in Mykonos and find the ideal accommodation by clicking the "Private Pool" box on the "Recommended For" filter!
  • Sip cocktails at Little Venice
    The bars situated along the promenade in the area of Little Venice are perfect for your evening or night cocktail. Many of them are housed in old traditional houses, making them absolutely lovely. Numerous bars also host parties until the early morning, so you can continue your night in a more lusty way if you feel like it. Discover the best bars in Mykonos Town!
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at a seaside restaurant
    Mykonos is home to several top-notch restaurants with some of the best chefs creating culinary wonders for their guests to feast upon. Establishments serving both Greek-Mediterranean and international cuisine operate in Mykonos, while their style ranges from fine dining restaurants to traditional taverns. Have a look at the best restaurants in Mykonos and click on the "Sea Side" option of the "Extra Features" filter to find the perfect place for your romantic dinner!
  • Rent a quad to discover more of Mykonos
    By renting a quad you can approach remote enchanting locations around the island! Quads are an ideal means of transport for duos, especially if you want to rent a vehicle that is more budget-friendly than a car.
  • Admire the scenery from above
    A helicopter tour around Mykonos island is probably the most special way to admire the sights and landscape of the island, as well as views of the vast cerulean Aegean Sea! Except for that, if you feel the desire to visit the scenery queen of the Cyclades, which is no other than Santorini, a helicopter transfer from Mykonos to Santorini and vice versa is also available!
  • Book a sunset cruise
    Nothing is more romantic than setting sail for a tour in Mykonos' waters with your partner during the sunset. Watch the sky become a colorful palette while the buildings get showered with deep golden sunlight. During your sunset cruise tour, you will be able to enjoy the magical scenery and a refreshing drink at the same time!
  • Visit a local winery
    If you and your partner are wine lovers, you should consider paying a visit to one of Mykonos' wineries. Apart from learning more about wine production, each visit comes with wine tasting! 

Best things to do for families with kids

Below, you will find some of the best activities to try out for fun family time!

  • Watch a movie at an open-air cinema
  • Visit Delos island
  • Visit the family-friendly beaches
    Particularly recommended for Santorini's young visitors, the Lost Atlantis museum offers an unforgettable 9D adventure during which you will get a first-hand experience of Santorini's volcanic eruption and the destruction of Atlantis! At the same time, visitors will also get to know ancient philosophy and mythology.
  • Rent a car to explore the island
    Renting a family car is the best way to travel around the island to explore remote locations, unspoiled beaches, and traditional villages without having to rely on public transport or expensive private transfers. We offer a selection of the best car rental companies on the island, where a wide variety of vehicles are available.
  • Pay a visit to the regional museums

Best things to do for single travelers

The beautiful island of Santorini is an excellent destination if you are planning a solo trip to the Greek islands! Santorini has a truly charming landscape full of places to discover.

  • Make new friends at the parties
  • Take a scuba diving lesson
    Discover the fascinating underwater world via a scuba diving adventure around the volcanic caldera! Scuba diving sessions are the best way to learn more about the local marine life and the secrets of the Aegean, as well as the sunken parts of the volcano.
  • Hike the countryside 
  • Do watersports
    The wineries of Santorini will introduce you to the secrets of winemaking! A wine tour is highly recommended to those interested in finding out more about some of the world's finest wines. Partake in such an activity and discover what makes Santorinian wine so unique!
  • Go island hopping
    An island-hopping adventure is the best way to see more of the Aegean on your own! Regular ferry connections allow you to visit neighboring Cycladic islands located only a few hours away from Santorini, including but not limited to Naxos, Paros, and Schinoussa.

Best things to do for backpackers

Backpacking in Santorini is a great way to experience an authentic side of the Cyclades. The island is full of hiking paths to follow, viewpoints that will leave you in awe, and numerous hidden gems. Just pick a road to follow and see where it takes you!

  • Stay at Paradise camping
  • Enjoy traditional food at a tavern
    Known for!
  • Join a hiking adventure
    Spending a few days in Santorini is the right time to experience the tastiness of Mediterranean cuisine! The island boasts traditional taverns that offer a wide variety of dishes prepared with great care and local products. We highly recommend a stop at the seafront Ammoudi where you can try out the island's freshest fish.
  • Go island hopping
    If you have fallen in love with the Cyclades thanks to Santorini, you can visit more islands in one trip thanks to the regular ferry crossings from one island to the other. Different kinds of ferries are available, and some of the best destinations near Santorini include Milos, Ios, and Amorgos.

Best things to do with friends

Although Santorini is mainly known as a romantic destination, you should not miss an opportunity to visit it with friends! Various facilities and organized activities are suitable for small groups, while the island's nightlife is vibrant and worth experiencing! Below, you will find some of the best things to do with your friends in Santorini.

  • Visit Paradise and Super Paradise beaches
    Fira is the best location for your accommodation! It is the most vivid place on the island and, as its capital, full of different hotel options. The caldera views are magical, and the central bus station is located there as well.
  • Enjoy the renowned Mykonos clubbing
    Get adventurous and go on a jet ski safari tour to enjoy the summer breeze and approach the volcano! This tour will allow you to reach secluded spots along the coastline of Santorini and admire the impressive volcanic scenery!
  • Fly to Santorini with a helicopter
    A helicopter tour has become one of the most popular VIP services since it allows you to have some of the best views of the island's whitewashed houses, the volcano, and the Aegean Sea. With this tour, you will also have the opportunity to reach Mykonos, one of the prettiest Cycladic islands near Santorini!
  • Participate in a cooking workshop
    A tour is a must for anyone who wants to find out more about Santorini's wines! You will learn how traditional wineries work and how wine is made. You will also have a chance to taste wines and see the vineyards.
  • Board a catamaran for a cruise
    Go on a luxury catamaran trip and enjoy the cerulean waters of the Aegean! During the tour, you will see the caldera villages and the island's impressive coastline and swim in the volcano's hot springs and the Red and White beaches. You can also have a traditional barbecue meal on board.
  • Go island hopping
    Santorini is the best starting point for your island-hopping adventures in the Aegean! Frequent ferry crossings allow you to reach many other Cycladic islands in only a few hours. Like that, you can visit as many destinations as you wish at once!