Mykonos Things to Do & See

What to do in Mykonos, Greece: Mykonos is one of the absolute top summer destinations in Greece by far. The fantastic beaches, the wild party scene, the gay-friendly ambience and the luxurious style create a solid idea of what to expect when visiting the island.
But that’s not all; Mykonos offers excellent untouched seashores, a plethora of watersports, archaeological and ecclesiastic institutions, while the local taverns and bars keep visitors sated and pleased.
Without further due, let’s dive into the amazing, lively Mykonian summertime!

We are thrilled to guide you through the possibilities you can pick from while visiting Mykonos and to help you organize your to-do list in order to enjoy the island at its fullest. Any possible tourist pitfalls will also be addressed for your ease of mind. Let’s dive in the wonders of Mykonos then!


15+ Top Things to Do & See in Mykonos

We have gathered a list of the best things to do while in Mykonos. You can also view all things to do on our interactive map.

Couple strolling in the alleys of Mykonos town

1. Stroll around Mykonos Town & Sunset in Little Venice

Category: Villages

As soon as you arrive in Mykonos, its capital Town welcomes you for a vacation full of vivid colors. The traditionally whitewashed Cycladic buildings right by the sea and the stone-paved alleys create a fairytale-like environment to wander in. Morning hours are highly recommended for a stroll, while vehicles are not allowed to enter in the evening. You can either enjoy a shopping spree at the sophisticated boutiques or savor a refreshing drink at the chic cocktail bars that are scattered around. After dusk, a plethora of clubs await you for partying until dawn.
Not to miss: A guided walking tour as the best way to discover this whitewashed Cycladic jewel.

The most unique area in Mykonos Town is known as Little Venice. Waterfront Cycladic houses with colorful balconies are kissed by the waves of Aegean, creating a photogenic seascape with a romantic atmosphere. It is even possible to stay in one of the houses and enjoy the privilege of exclusive views of Mykonos’ most poetic sunset. The Little Venice neighborhood can also be admired from the bay of Alefkandra.

In addition to the great facilities and picturesque corners of Mykonos Town, its museums are ready to provide a deeper insight on the region’s past. One of the best ones is a folklore museum known as Lena’s House, which can be found in a 19th century middle class mykonian house with authentic antique furnishing. The Archaeological Museum is also a must, as it has been exhibiting invaluable treasures from different historic periods ever since 1902, from intricate statues and grave steles to vestiges from the ‘Purification Pit’ of Rhenia.

While you are in Town, don’t forget the windmills, a true open-air museum! They are one of the main local attractions and a truly wonderful sight. The photogenic whitewashed windmills that were once used to crush wheat and cereals no longer operate but they are well preserved; they remind us of the past of Mykonos and the way the strong Cycladic winds were used to process the crops a century ago.

Another impressive building you have to see is the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, an eccentric set of buildings that actually consists of five different churches, with the oldest one dating back to the 14th century! The intriguing orthodox church can easily be reached from the main town’s bus station, as well as by a rental vehicle.

Mykonos Hotels by the beach

2. Book a Stay at a Boutique Hotel

Category: Hotels

Mykonos is conspicuous for its luxurious attitude, posh amenities and top-quality accommodation. Such an ambience is maintained and elevated by the leading boutique hotels and villas of the island. Based on luxury and high aesthetics, establishments like Cavo Tagoo, Kensho, Bill and Coo, Mykonos Grand Resort set high standards when it comes to providing each visitor with everything they could ask for. Excellent views, crystal clear infinity pools and a delicious gastronomic scene are only a small portion of the available services to enjoy while staying there.
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Mykonos Super Paradise Beach

3. Swim at the most Amazing Beaches

Category: Beaches

Mykonos stands out for its long golden shores that attract thousands of visitors and offer great facilities, including lively beach bars. The bay of Paradise, for instance, has been a tourist hotspot since the 1980’s and it houses numerous beach bars and clubs. It enhances its partying ambience with daily events by world-class DJs. While enjoying its crystalline waters, visitors may also indulge in the watersport facilities available for an adrenaline boost.The best thing to do is pack your best swimsuit and get ready to dance the evening away!

Situated next to Paradise Beach, Super Paradise can be reached via a water-taxi or a bus. It is less organized compared to its neighbouring shore but is quite vivid throughout the summer season nonetheless. Standing as Greece’s leading gay-friendly bay, it attracts travellers from around the globe, especially during high season, when numerous night-long parties are organized on the beach.

A calmer option would be the nudist-friendly Elia beach, a piece of heavenly beauty on the island of Mykonos. This is the longest, shimmering gold bay of Mykonos and unlike its more bustling counterparts, it doesn’t get super crowded. Its turquoise waters are very inviting on sunny days and there are countless sunbeds available. It is fully organized, with a plethora of beach bars, restaurants and taverns to select from. At about 12km distance from Chora, Elia can be accessed either via road or by water-taxi from the bays of Paradise, Platis Gialos and Ornos.

If you are a water sport enthusiast, make sure to visit Kalafatis. At only 13km from Mykonos Town, the beach is quite popular as it hosts a few watersports centers, where you can rent equipment for independent sessions or a guided one for extra tips and safety. It is a bay highly recommended for its adrenaline-inclined style.

The family-friendly beach of Kalo Livadi is located between Kalafatis and Elia bays; this is a vast seashore of pure bliss, with shallow turquoise waters, soft golden sand and numerous sunbeds to spend your day lounging on. Its size allows for moderate commotion even during high season.

If you want to explore as many beaches as possible in one go, consider booking the "South Coast Beach Hopping Boat Tour with BBQ Lunch" and enjoy Mykonos from a totally unique perspective. The tour includes the best south coast beaches: Ornos, Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paradise, Super Paradise, Paraga, and Elia.


4. Boat Excursions not to miss

The most popular destination that you can easily reach from Mykonos is the sacred island of Delos which is currently uninhabited but bears great historical importance. At only a 40-minute boat ride away, Delos offers a deep insight of the ancient past, having served as a major religious pilgrimage location and a political center. Numerous archeological findings still remain intact in their original locations, as well as in the Delian archaeological museum.
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Rhenia islet is also highly recommended as it takes only a few hours of sailing to get there from Mykonos. This small uninhabited island is great for day trips. Its interesting past is intertwined with that of Delos, since Rhenia once served as a necropolis of Delos. While both islands still attain ruins of ancient temples and Byzantine churches, Rhenia is mostly visited for its crystal clear waters. If you want to balance out the busy atmosphere of Mykonos, spending a day sunbathing on Rhenia islet is definitely an excellent choice.

Hippie Fish restaurant

5. Eat at the Best Restaurants or learn to Cook like a local

Category: Eat & Drink

Mykonos has a fascinating and diverse gastronomic scene, from local taverns with a traditional aura to luxurious restaurants for fine dining. The Greek cuisine, both on its own and as a part of the Mediterranean family, is one of the most praised globally. While sometimes it may not be easy to pick one of the many taverns available, the cozy tavern To Maereio in Mykonos Town and Fokos Restaurant in the serene bay of Myrsini are two exquisite places to try homemade dishes.
When looking for an upscale dining experience in Mykonos, there are several restaurants that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. In Mykonos Town, the excellent Japanese fusion restaurant Matsuhisa guarantees a lavish environment as part of the Belvedere hotel, unparalleled flavors and strictly the freshest ingredients. For a modernized, industrial-style environment and a Japanese-inspired approach on the menu, Coo restaurant in Chora ensures an amazing fine dining experience. The atmosphere is upbeat, always rejuvenating, making it a highly recommended restaurant. When it comes to Greek-Mediterranean flavors and recipes, the praised Hippie Fish restaurant on Agios Ioannis bay is the answer. With a carefully diversified menu of palatable meals and accompanying drinks Hippie Fish flaunts an aesthetic blend of Cycladic aspects and modern decoration. It was also used as a filming location for the 1989 movie Shirley Valentine. Last but not least, Nammos’ restaurant will host you for an exquisite culinary experience after the sun starts sinking in the horizon. Its menu consists of ultra-modern fusions from the Mediterranean cuisines. Meanwhile, the lively bar scene will be sparkling from paparazzi cameras as celebrities from every corner of the world tend to appear and savor the Nammos experience.

If you happen to fall in love with the local cuisine, one of the best ways of bringing your Greek summer memories back home is by learning one or two recipes to enchant your loved ones. Located In the heart of Mykonos, in the traditional village of Messaria, Mykonian Spiti is an authentic stone-built house that operates as a venue for a multitude of social events. It offers a thorough and well-structured culinary seminar, where guests can master some essential dishes of traditional Greek cuisine, taste the results of their effort and spend a memorable evening in Mykonos.

Santorini Mykonos Helicopter transfer

6. Get to Mykonos like a VIP

Category: Travel there

Book a private helicopter transfer between Mykonos and Santorini and enjoy a luxurious flight above the Aegean Sea! Private helicopter transfers are a fast, fun and safe way to get from one island to the other and allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Cycladic landscape like no other. During the transfer you will get to see the most beautiful places on the islands from a distance, including lovely whitewashed villages, impressive cliffs and the famous Volcano of Santorini. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you should not miss, definitely worth every penny!

Bars at Little Venice

7. Go to the Best Bars & Clubs

Category: Eat & Drink

As an internationally acknowledged party hub, Cavo Paradiso club in Mykonos is where you want to be for an unforgettable experience. Situated on a hill above Paradise beach, the club boasts its unique aesthetics and architecture. All the partying takes place around its Mykonos-shaped swimming pool, the main attraction on the spot. With world-acclaimed DJs frequenting the club, including Carl Cox to David Guetta, the legendary parties at Cavo Paradiso can easily attract over 3000 people, so it’s a good idea to arrive before the party begins for some early drinks. Since the late night parties continue until after sunrise, be prepared to dance nonstop.
For a more chilled-out atmosphere and exotic cocktails with a panoramic view, don’t skip a visit to 180° Sunset Bar for one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Mykonos. This is an open rooftop bar located in Mykonos Castle Panigirakis, with breathtaking views of the stars or the sunset, the sea and Mykonos Town.
While you’re in Mykonos Town, you may also stop by for a drink at Mythical Caprice Bar, which is located quarter of Little Venice, right in the heart of things and offers some of the best views on the island, along with exotic cocktails and upbeat ambience. The atmosphere is particularly romantic at sunset time, when numerous young people go there for a drink before heading to a nightclub.
In addition, nested in a whitewashed alleyway by the seafront of Little Venice, the cozy pillows and tables of Kastro’s enable visitors to make a stop to enjoy a refreshing beverage and reverie while gazing at the everblue Aegean. A favorite spot of Mykonos Town, Kastro’s cocktail and coffee bars are perched above the sea and provide thousands of visitors annually with savory drinks and delicious snacks.

Mykonos Kitesurfing

8. Have fun with Watersports & other Sea-related Activities

Category: Sports

Spend a day indulging in the available watersports on the beaches of Mykonos! Some of the most adventurous water sport centers are situated on the golden beaches of Kalafatis and Platis Gialos. You can rent a high-speed jet ski and opt for intriguing windsurfing independently or with an experienced instructor to guide you.

Another intriguing activity seems to be scuba-diving. If you are already enjoying the Aegean waters, go one step further and explore the seabed and underwater ecosystem by going on a scuba-diving adventure. One of Greece’s top operating diving centers, the Mykonos Diving Center, has been welcoming all sea enthusiasts ever since 1978. The devoted personnel and diving instructors ensure pleasant, safe and exciting underwater experiences. Abiding by the marine safety protocols, the center provides all the necessary equipment and safety instructions, while actively trying to accommodate every guest’s wish and live up to their expectations.

Mykonos, also known as the “island of the winds”, has been gaining popularity as a kitesurfing destination during the last few decades. This intriguing sport is hosted at the amazing Korfos bay, conspicuous for being a kitesurf hub. The bay is only 2.5km from Chora, making it easy to visit. There, the "Kite Mykonos" center welcomes everyone who wants to take a shot at this watersport adventure. The experienced tutor Alexandre Kuzolitz ensures that every participant is equipped with safety instructions and offers a short trial mode to get accustomed to the equipment and movement before beginning their session.

Those who do enjoy the sea world but are not overly adventurous, are advised to try a snorkeling excursion in order to experience the island from an alternative viewpoint, by booking a seat for one of the best boat trips on the cozy vessel "Ouranos II". While aboard, all visitors will be able to gaze at the wonderful seashores of Mykonos, enjoy the sea breeze on their skin and also dive in the crystal-clear waters for some serene snorkeling and swimming.

Paraportiani Church

9. Go Sightseeing

Category: Sightseeings

Have a break from partying and visit some of the local landmarks! In order to enjoy some peace and quiet on the busy island of Mykonos, a very interesting location is that of the Lighthouse of Armenistis. The lighthouse, a sentinel of the old maritime traditions of Mykonos, is presently under the Hellenic Navy’s Hydrographic Office’s wind. Taking a road from Agios Stefanos, it can be found atop the edge of the hill, overlooking the azure Aegean. The environment offers marvellous sea views, especially when the sunset paints the horizon in shades of crimson and gold.
Another major attraction is the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera. Named after an icon of Virgin Mary that was found near Tourlos, the monastery was initially built in 1542 by two priests and restored in 1767. The contrast between its Cycladic architecture and some red details, as well as the marble outdoor murals and exquisite yard fountain create an imposing aura. The interior is even more adorned and elaborate, with a hand-painted altar screen and icons of saints dating back to 1775. A small ecclesiastic museum operates inside the Monastery, housing the first bells of the monastery, vestments and hand-crafted embroideries among other items.

Mykonos Louis Vuitton

10. Go Shopping

Category: Shopping

Luxurious fashion stores in Mykonos are an absolute must if you want to renew your summer outfit collection. You will discover world renowned designer brands that will fascinate any fashion enthusiast by offering a selection of the trendiest clothes and accessories to enhance your wardrobe. This is the right moment to indulge in a high-end shopping spree and discover the best hidden gems while strolling around the picturesque alleys of Mykonos! After all, a summer vacation in Mykonos would surely be incomplete without at least one shopping pilgrimage to the haute couture temples of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and more. As one of the top things to do in Mykonos when shopping is your call, we believe it is worth splurging a bit in order to be among the most fashionable people on the island.

Mykonos SantAnna

11. SantAnna, biggest Seaside Pool of Europe

Category: Bars

Shifting from Paradise to the neighbouring Paranga bay, we come across one of the most elegant, vast establishments of Mykonos; the SantAnna restaurant. Founded in 2017, it expands from its own private bay part to what is Europe’s largest seaside swimming pool, with two separate bars, a top-notch fusion cuisine restaurant and a variety of lavish beauty treatments. The SantAnna experience is fantastically well-rounded, leaving nothing to chance. Guests can relax by the pool on the comfortable sun loungers, frolic in the piscine or savor a sushi plate with flavorful shisha. Every summer numerous music events take place in SantAnna, along with private parties and extravagant surprises that nobody wants to miss.

Mykonos Unspoiled Beaches

12. Escape the crowds at Unspoiled Beaches

Category: Beaches

The majority of beach photos taken in Mykonos depict crowded, organized shores with wide beach bars and restaurants. There is another side to this cosmopolitan Cycladic island, more serene and natural. One is the bay of Agios Sostis, located a bit further from the popular southern beaches. While no public transportation stops nearby, a rental vehicle can take you there easily. The 250 meter, untouched golden shore with piscine-like waters is secluded and ideal for a more private swimming.

Another great getaway from the bustling side of Mykonos is Fokos bay on the northern side. It is a natural, unorganized bay with the sole exception of a traditional tavern nearby. This hidden gem remains tranquil even during high season and is only reachable with private vehicles.

Last but not least, the shimmering beach of Agrari is another quiet area you could opt for. Located near Elia bay, the two of them create a vast, 8km coastline of powder-like sand and indigo waters that captivate the hearts. The Agrari beach is untouched, with only a petite cafeteria on sight and a handful of sun loungers. The path leading down to it is narrow and steep so caution is essential.

Mykonos Vioma

13. Wine Tasting at Vioma

Category: Wineries

We are firm believers of trying and tasting the local flavors while on vacation, as it provides an insight and deeper connection to the place and its traditions. This is definitely the case with Mykonos, especially when talking about its wine-making. The island’s dry soil, windy nature and soft winters allow its viticulture to thrive and produce excellent earthen and deep, flavorful wines. One of the most ideal things to do is incorporate a winery visit in your itinerary. Luckily, in the picturesque village of Ano Mera, the top-notch winery of ‘Mykonos Vioma’ welcomes travellers to its viticultural setting, the vineyards and presents its finest quality products of Athiri, Assyrtiko, Malagouzia and Mandilari among others. Interestingly, during the growing stage of the grapes, classical music is played for enhancing their quality traits. A guided tour and tasting session is the best way of learning about the Mykonian wines, so if it is your calling, be sure to make a reservation.

Tinos island

14. Visit other Cycladic Islands

Category: Greek islands

If your trip to Mykonos lasts for more than a couple days, take some extra time to see a few more Cycladic islands. A much bigger island located near the cosmopolitan Mykonos is Tinos, known for its more religious-oriented aura. It’s a splendid destination, especially for a day trip from Mykonos, at around 30 minutes away by boat. The ferry routes between the two islands are offered multiple times a day, with a very low fare. This excursion is ideal for anyone who prefers touring individually. In addition to visiting the famous church of Panagia Evangelistria, in Tinos you will have a chance to witness the centuries-old craft of basket-weaving.

Mykonos Ano Mera

15. Explore authentic Ano Mera Village

Category: Villages

Since Mykonos Town can at times become overwhelming for the senses, visitors can easily unwind in the picturesque village of Ano Mera. At only 8.3km from Chora, this cozy Cycladic village remains authentic and tranquil, as it has not become as touristy as other Mykonian locations. This is the largest second settlement on the island, flaunting a beautifully paved central square, the church of Panagia Tourliani, the uphill Gyzi Castle and the Paleokastro Monastery. Travellers will find a variety of things to do there, such as peacefully savoring a cup of coffee at the traditional cafes or testing their endurance and adventurous spirit with a hiking excursion. A great way to explore Ano Mera is through a well-organized, guided tour of the authentic Mykonos. No matter which alternative you choose, you will definitely have a splendid time.
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Mykonos Open Air Cinema

16. Watch a Movie at the Open-air Cinema

Category: Other

Few things are as special in Greek summertime as a picturesque Open-air Cinema movie with freshly cooked popcorn and a soft drink. Luckily, Cine Manto in Mykonos Town offers a romantic, under the stars environment where movie enthusiasts can happily unwind with classic and blockbuster films, screened daily. The cinema is operating throughout the tourist season and includes a bar-restaurant to cater for its guests. Promising one of the most delightful summer experiences, a starlit screening is one of the best things to do in Mykonos.

More things to do

But that’s not all! There are a lot more things to do in Mykonos; we invite you to explore even more options that the island has to offer and which will fulfill all visitors’ needs: Tours & Activities, Sports, Wellness, Workshops and more.