Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos

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Super Paradise Mykonos: Super Paradise Beach is located right next to Paradise Beach and is reachable by taxi-boat (regular boat services are available from Platis Yialos) and local bus. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Mykonos Super Paradise is less organized than neighboring Paradise and has beautiful crystalline waters and soft golden sand. Super Paradise is the most famous homosexual beach of Greece, attracting homos and heterosexuals from all over the world. Due to its popularity, Super Paradise Beach can get very crowded during peak season.

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4 Reviews
Guest 2008-12
Do not drink much
The most famous part of Mykonos is Super Paradise. Very long and well organized beach. There is a beach bar that most people drink a lot. Just have in mind to be careful, the road is very dangerous when you get back from super Paradise .... So, just enjoy the place without drinking too much.
Guest 2008-05
Swim a lot
Super Paradise beach Mykonoswas just a 5-minutes walk from my hotel. The trip was very enjoyable although the road was not very good. The beach actually has crystal waters, party ambiance and no vegetation. It is a bit noisy and quiet expensive too. Its blue waters were my favorite thing. Just swim very much as the sun is extremely hot.
Guest 2007-06
A perfect combination
Hi, I'm Canadian and I'm 19 years old. I visited Greece and the island of Mykonos. While I was there I visited Paradise beach. I went by foot as my accommodation was near the beach. It took me only 3 minutes to get there. The condition of the road was fine and I really enjoyed it. As I stayed in the area I knew how to get there, so I didn't have to use a map. The reason I went to Super Paradise beach on Mykonosis because it was recommended by a brochure. It is a long sandy beach, with crystalline waters, beautiful views, fully organized with sun beds and umbrella rentals, is within the proximity of a resort, a party ambiance, and is nudism tolerant. Also it was close to mini markets, restaurants, bars, clubs; water sports activities (diving), hotels and other accommodations. It certainly met my expectations, and my favorite thing about it was the clear water. My tip for future visitors would be to come here ready to party!
Guest 2006-10
It was paradise
Nationality: Italian
Age: 18
Date: 04/08/2006
How did you get to the beach: By foot as my accommodation is located in the area
Location of accommodation: Near Super Paradise
How much time did it take you to get to the beach: 5 minutes
-What is the condition of the roads on the way to the beach: Not very good
-If you did use public transportation did you have to wait a long time for the bus? N/A
-Was the trip to the beach enjoyable: Yes
-Did the road to the beach have enough signs to guide you to it: I stay in the area
-Reasons for going to Super Paradise beach: It is the nearest one to our accommodation
-Describe the beach: Clear waters, blue waters, beautiful surroundings, noisy, party ambiance, no vegetation, expensive
-What amenities was the beach close to: Restaurants, beach bar, hotels and other accommodations
- Did it meet your expectations: Yes - Favorite thing about the beach: Blue water
- Is there anything that you don?t like about the beach or things that should be done by the authorities to ameliorate it or something missing: No there isn?t it was paradise.
- Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: The sun is very hot you must use sun block and get in the water often

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