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activities Mykonos is in the top duo of world-widely acclaimed Greek destinations and justifiably so. Robust with luxurious facilities, an unparalleled party scene, shimmering shores and rich history, visiting Mykonos should be in every traveller’s bucket list.
A very entertaining alternative while vacationing on the island is definitely participating in a few of its well-organized tours and excursions. From majestic cruises to cooking classes and enticing walking tours, there is a fitting option for everyone.
With the tourist season expanding in the last few years, numerous Mykonian tours are available from April to late October.
Why book with us? is the biggest online travel guide for Greece! Every year, we help thousands of people organize their holidays in Greece and live an amazing travel experience.

Why book with us? is the biggest online travel guide for Greece! Every year, we help thousands of people organize their holidays in Greece and live an amazing travel experience.
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For a convenient and pleasant reading, we compiled a list of the most popular cruises and excursions in Mykonos. Make sure to take a look at the available bundles down below and select those that suit your dream Mykonian vacation
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A fantastic way of witnessing the seascapes of Mykonos is aboard a traditional boat, sailing off the coast and marvelling at the romantic sunset of the Aegean. Gaze at the colorful and wave-kissed quarter of Little Venice just as it starts getting lively with the promenading visitors. In the Mykonos and Little Venice Sunset Cruise you can also reverie at the ancient Delian monuments, as the boat anchors between the two islands for unique vistas.
For a more indulging evening sailing, the Adults Only Sunset Sailing Cruise with Aperitivo will ensure undisturbed sea vistas, a palatable alcoholic drink with appetizers and the enchanting Mykonian sunset.

Furthermore, for a prolonged yacht cruise, take a look at the satisfying Rhenia and Mykonos South Coast All Inclusive bundle and dive into a 6-hour adventure. Combine the popular beaches of southern Mykonos with the awe-inspiring ancient monuments of Delos island. But that’s not all; get to dive into the turquoise waters of Rhenia, walk on its untouched shores and top it all off with an authentic Greek lunch on board with beverages.
For those who want to get immersed into the Delian and Rhenian wonders, the 6-hour Delos and Rhenia Islands Boat Trip is the tour to look for. Enjoy sightseeing, swimming in virgin bays and savor a delicious Greek BBQ on board.

Another superb option for yacht and history enthusiasts is the One Day Yacht Cruise to Rhenia Island that includes guided touring of intriguing Delos. Immerse yourself in a memorable sailing experience, dive in the crystalline Rhenian waters, savor a hearty, juicy meal with complimentary drinks on board and explore the rich history of Delos under professional guidance. Additionally, when time is limited but you still want to pay a visit to Delos, the morning Original Tour to Delos is an excellent choice. In just a few hours guests will get acquainted with the core monuments of Delos without other stops in between.

Excellent tours that allow travellers to enrich their understanding of the Mykonian folklore heritage can also be found in our recommendations down below. One of our clients’ top favorites is the Simply Mykonos Tour. It combines the picturesque landmarks of Chora, the town’s walkthrough, a visit to the traditional settlement of Ano Mera and the intricate monasteries it hosts. For a final and relaxing stop, Kalafatis bay welcomes visitors and provides great Aegean views to unwind with.

Last but not least, for those who want to get some authentic, hands-on learning of the Greek cuisine, the Mykonos Cooking Class will equip you with delicious recipes to recreate back home. Experience the hospitality and warmth of a local Mykonian family, acquire tips and tricks for mouth-watering dishes and enjoy a traditional Greek meal with the hostess and fellow group members.

If you feel like history is not your cup of tea, get prepared for a change of heart! What makes history feel stale are usually textbooks; thankfully, those are excluded from the historic tours while active on-sight learning takes their place. In Mykonos, the Akrotiri Guided Tour is the ideal way of discovering the elegance and former glory of the most significant ancient Greek/Minoan settlement in the Aegean region. A professional guide will accompany you throughout the site, where the mythologic city of Atlantis is said to have existed.

Additionally, if legend-hunting sounds fascinating, then the Lost Atlantis 9D Experience is just what you need. It is the first museum worldwidely dedicated to the myth of Lost Atlantis and it offers a refreshing infotainment experience. Using innovative technologies, the 9D experience will captivate young ones and grown-ups alike. Knowledgeable museum staff will answer all your Atlantean inquiries.

With dozens of highly recommended excursions to enhance every Mykonian itinerary, the only essential action is finding the ones you would love to attend and book a place a few weeks to a couple months in advance to secure your participation hassle-free.

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