Traditional Lunch or Dinner at the Mykonian Spiti

Duration: 2 hours
Depart: Mykonos > From Your Hotel
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General Description

Visitors of Mykonos have the opportunity to experience a traditional homemade lunch or dinner in a welcoming local home. Spiti literally means “home”, and the hosts guarantee to make every guest feel like they are part of the family. It is the perfect place to learn about Greek culture in an immersive way and get cooking tips from the locals.

Before lunch or dinner, participants can relax, chat and taste various local wines. The menu is set and includes a homemade full-course meal prepared with the best ingredients. During the feast, the hostess will share stories about her family and teach guests about Mykonian life, history and culture. All participants will be offered a complimentary bag of local products before they leave. It is the ideal activity for food lovers and anyone interested in learning how the locals live currently and in the past.

Pick-up and drop-off from the new port, the old port and hotels throughout the island are provided. If your accommodation lies in a secluded area, an additional charge may apply.

Traditional Lunch or Dinner at the Mykonian Spiti