M01 Tour To Delos

Active: May 02, 2019 - Oct 30, 2019
Duration: 5 hours
Depart: Mykonos
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General Description

This is a cruise and walking tour to the island of Delos, only 40 min by boat from Mykonos. This island is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. According to mythology, this was the place where god Apollo was born, which is why the entire island was devoted to his cult.

In the ancient times, Delos was a major religious pilgrimage but with time it acquired political importance. Many temples and buildings were constructed, the Delian games were celebrated every five years, the treasury of the Delian League was kept there, congresses were held in the temple of Apollo and the largest slave market in the region was maintained on the island.

Apart from a religious centre, Delos was never properly inhabited. Today it is an open archaeological site and also has an interesting museum.

Tour Schedule
09:30 Meeting time
10:00-10:40 Boat trip to Delos
10:40-10:50 Introduction and entrance tickets
10:50-12:20 Guided tour on the island
12:20-13:50 Free time for the museum
13:00 Departure of the boat
13:30 Arrival back to Mykonos

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