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Some of our car rental prices in Mykonos

Mini, 3-5 doors From 14.5€*

Economy, 5 doors From 16€*

Compact, 5 doors From 22€*

Compact - Automatic, 5 doors From 24€*

* The above prices are per day, for 5-days rentals or more.

About our car rental service offers car rental services from Mykonos Airport, Mykonos port (Tourlos), Mykonos Town (Chora), and many other locations. We ensure the lowest market prices and assistance to our customers when looking for the ideal car rental on the island through our numerous collaborating rental agencies. Both local and major agencies operating in different areas of Mykonos are included in our partnership.

Moreover, our Mykonos car rental collaborators are easily accessible and provide a wide range of comforts to our clients. A car rental employee can deliver the car to your hotel, the port, or any other place upon request.

Additionally, you can pick up the car from your preferred location, like the port or airport on the day of your arrival. The agents can assist you with sightseeing and visiting suggestions and, in many cases, also provide you with a map of your rental car; otherwise, you can request a GPS for an extra charge.

Why rent a car in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of those islands where a vehicle (car, motorcycle, ATV) is recommended, especially when you are not just visiting to enjoy its party scene but also to discover its unique landscape and shimmering sandy bays. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, then renting a car will be essential for your holidays. It will enable a smooth exploration of the island at your own pace without the strict and crowded public bus routes or the scarce taxis. Mykonos is one of the top travel destinations of Greece with numerous beaches; thus, renting a car is the best way to enjoy a carefree holiday on this beautiful island.

The main public bus transportation system (KTEL buses) connects the Town of Mykonos (Chora) with some of the most popular beaches and the New Port. It is an organized network with two departure points (Fabrika and Old Port). Those bus stations connect the Town with numerous beaches. It is the most cost-effective way of transportation. The buses are mainly used by young travelers who visit the island for its nightlife, stay in a central hotel, and visit a few beaches during their holidays. During the high season, buses often get crowded.

Furthermore, taxis are another option for transportation. Unfortunately, the number of taxis on the island is limited, and, during the summer, when the massive tourist influx occurs, it is almost impossible to find an available one. During the last few years, numerous complaints and reports of non-authorized taxis operating on Mykonos have been recorded. They charge insane amounts of money for short distances and lack a valid taxi license. Booking your private transfer will save you from the hassle of such unpleasant situations.

Additionally, note that Mykonos is a moderate-sized island, so distances do not exceed a casual 30-minute drive. The island provides a well-developed road network, offering visitors easy access to the surrounding villages and beaches. Numerous fascinating beaches and many places remain authentic and can only be reached by car.

Organize your schedule without depending on external factors and make the most of your vacation stress-free with a rental.

Driving in Mykonos

Driving in Mykonos is not considered very complicated compared to other islands. Most part of the island has a safe road network connecting every village and seashore. During high season, traffic jams often occur around the most popular beaches. You might notice a lack of road signs, but due to their manageable size, you will not get lost. The use of GPS is always helpful. It is important to highlight that there is hardly any street lighting during nighttime.

Gas stations in Mykonos

Upon receiving your rental vehicle, make sure to check the fuel tank and confirm whether it uses Diesel or Unleaded. Upon returning the car you will be asked to deliver it with a full tank. There are more than ten gas stations around the island (i.e. Shell, Avin, Eko, Aegean, and others). Many of them are located around Chora and in various other locations.

Parking in Mykonos

Parking in Mykonos is very convenient but can get complicated during rush hours. Note that cars are not allowed inside the Old Port area of Chora. That part is only accessible to pedestrians, but there are a few public parking lots around to leave your car and continue on foot. In the evenings and especially around the dining hours, those parking lots get saturated, so plan your outing accordingly and arrive a bit earlier. Parking spaces are indicated with a blue street featuring a “P” letter in a square. The lodging facilities near the bays offer designated parking spots.

Lastly, parking on the street is frequently permitted unless there is a no-parking sign. Make sure though that you are not blocking the traffic, especially the bus street routes.

Mykonos with a car rental

Apart from saving you time and providing comfort in moving around the island, renting a car also allows you to discover every part of that Cycladic gem. Some of them are:

  • Armenistis lighthouse: Located in Cape Armenistis, the spot is ideal for romantic sunset gazing.
  • Ftelia beach: A secluded bay on the North side of the island. It is often quite windy, making the place ideal for windsurfers. Even during high season, it does not get packed.
  • Ano Mera: The second biggest village on the island, located on the mainland and preserving a more traditional lifestyle.
  • Panagia Tourliani: A 16th-century monastery with an interesting history and picturesque aspects of Cycladic architecture.
  • Agios Sostis beach: A beautiful remote seashore that remains off the beaten track.
  • Fokos beach: Serene and shimmering, Fokos beach will offer you moments of tranquility.

Some Car Rental Agents

Kosmos Rent a Car

Kosmos Rent a Car

This company was established in Athens 26 years ago and has nowadays developed services in Thessaloniki, Rhodes Island and also in the Ionian Islands, the Sporades, the Eastern Aegean Islands, and the Cyclades. One of their most significant branch offices is the one in Klouvas area of Mykonos. They provide various car types with multiple facilities, such as Cabrio and luxury cars, minivans and automatic cars. All models of cars operating are mostly two years old.
Action Car Rentals

Action Car Rentals

This car rental company has been operating in Platis Gialos since 1975. The company’s large car fleet consists of mostly new cars. It offers a variety of categories of vehicles - from scooters through the economy and family cars, to luxury jeeps and even ATVs. There are both manual and automatic vehicles available.
O.K. Rent a car

O.K. Rent a car

This is a car rental company that has been operating on the island for over three decades. The company has an extensive fleet and offers a wide variety of vehicles. There are economy and luxury cars, small cars and jeeps, family cars and scooters, as well as ATVs.
Herkules Rentals

Herkules Rentals

This is a car rental company that was founded over 30 years ago. The company’s car fleet consists of over a hundred new cars and bikes. The company offers different models, ranging in different categories of vehicles, including economy and luxury vehicles, family cars, motor bikes, and ATVs. There are both manual and automatic vehicles available.
First Car Rental

First Car Rental

First Car Rental is a major company, based in Platis Gialos beach. It offers bikes, different types of cars, scooters, and ATVs. Car types vary from compact, jeeps, Smart cars, to minivans and mini buses. There are also automatic cars and cabriolet models for jeeps and luxurious cars available to rent.


This car rental company offers a variety of models and types of vehicles. It has small and big cars, Smart cars and SUVs, as well as minibusses. Its vehicles are with manual or automatic transmission. Delivery of the cars is possible to any location on the island upon request.
AutoMoto Rent

AutoMoto Rent

Auto Moto rent has been operating in Kalafatis since 1990. The company has a large car fleet, consisting of new vehicles. It can offer a variety of cars types – small, economy, family and luxury, as well as different motorbikes and ATVs. There are cars with automatic and manual transmissions available.
Apollon Rent a Car

Apollon Rent a Car

This is a car rental company that has been operating on the island for over two decades and has rental stations in Chora, in Ornos, and at Mykonos Airport. Its fleet consists of new vehicles, ranging in different categories. There is a wide variety of 4x4 and SUVs, luxury and small cars, motorbikes and quad runners. The company offers manual as well as automatic vehicles.
Pier 1 Car Rentals

Pier 1 Car Rentals

Pier 1 Car Rentals is a company based on the new Port of Mykonos. This car rental company has a car fleet of new vehicles. They offer luxury cars, economy cars, SUVs, small and family cars. They have also motorbikes and quad runners. The cars that can be rented from this company have either automatic or manual transmission.


This is a car rental company situated in the area Maouna, near Chora, the capital of Mykonos Island. It provides cars and scooters for rental. The car types include manual and automatic 5-door cars, automatic Smart cars, minivans, open jeeps, and luxury convertible both manual and automatic cars and jeeps.


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