Mykonos Festivals & Cultural Events

Of major interest are the religious feasts of Mykonos taking place once a year in the capital and the villages to honor saints. Those festivities last all night long and feature traditional dances, music, and an abundance of local delights and wine. During the preparations, locals revive the old customs and traditions, which can be very interesting to regard.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
On the 15th of August, a great feast takes place at the church of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera village.

July 26th
On the 26th of July, Agia Paraskevi is celebrated.

June 30th
On the 30th of June, a feast dedicated to Agioi Apostoloi takes place.


Gay Festival
The annual XLSIOR Festival is a special event in Mykonos where thousands of gay visitors arrive from every part of the world.

Harvest Festival
On the windy island of Mykonos, in the middle of September, you will have the chance to enjoy the Harvest Festival, which is held annually at the Agricultural Museum. Locals gather and bring food and wine, bake bread, and dance to the rhythm of traditional bagpipes and drums.