Mykonos is worldwide famous as the most vibrant nightlife destination in Greece, receiving a great number of visitors in the summer, including world celebrities. The island distinguishes for its cosmopolitan party atmosphere and the crazy and friendly environment. There are Mykonos bars of all types, for both lounge and extreme entertainment, from atmospheric trendy bars to wild nightclubs.

You can find exciting beach bars in Mykonos that organize extravagant parties with famous DJs from all over the world, lively bars with loud music and strong cocktails, but also lounge bars for a romantic evening out. Mykonos is also a very popular gay destination with many gay-only bars and drag shows. The most frequented spot for vibrant nightlife is Mykonos Town, boasting some of the best Mykonos bars that party till the early morning hours. Little Venice is another very nice nightlife option, where you can find lively bars hosted in charming quaint terraced buildings.

What are the best bars in Mykonos? We have hand-picked the best 27 ones and marked our favorite with a ❤.

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