Mykonos Gay Tourism

Mykonos as an LGBTQ+ destination in the Cyclades: Over the last few decades, Mykonos has carved out a niche for itself as a much sought-after gay tourist destination.
During the 1960s, former US First Lady Jackie Onassis visited the island. Visits by Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot came next.
In the 1970s, Italian-American painter Pierro Aversa and fisherman Andreas Koutsoukos established "Pierro's", the first LGBTQ+-friendly bar.
The island comprises a destination for gay individuals ever since.
Today, it attracts millions of gay tourists who seek refuge in the island's breathtaking natural panorama and warm and hospitable people.

Mykonos has built an enviable reputation as an LGBTQ+ bastion. The international gay community began to pour in at the island during the 1970s as a place where they could find some respite from the world's stereotyped views on homosexuality. The best thing about Mykonos is that, despite the burgeoning growth of mass tourism, which also includes LGBTQ+ tourism, much of the island's landscape has remained unscathed by the invasion of modernity and its associated evils of sky-high apartments and hotels.

In many ways, Chora has been impeccably preserved and looks more like an 18th-century village than a modern-day metropolis. The only noticeable changes are the entrances to the shops and the renovated old buildings that now host accommodations, restaurants, and shops. Many find the contrast amazing, given the fact that nothing much has changed in Mykonos' landscape by way of modernity.
The Town floods with gay tourists who find the neighborhood as a kind of safe haven. A unique feature of Mykonos is that as a tourist destination, there are very few taboos here. The islanders are pretty open and transparent and have fewer inhibitions as far as sexual preferences are concerned. No wonder, with its flexible outlook, Mykonos attracts millions of LGBTQ+ tourists from all over the world.

In Mykonos, you will find many visitors who have come here for the same reason as you. The island is not arrogant at all, which is what many prospective tourists would like to believe even before landing on the island. Its cosmopolitan air is very infectious and life is one big celebration. There are numerous high-quality bars and restaurants, but the most invigorating ones are the expensive ones located along the seafront.

As dusk descends on the island, it is clubbing time for the LGBTQ+ community as it is for everyone else.
The best place to begin a Mykonos-by-night tour is from the watery neighborhood of Little Venice. That area is vibrant and buzzing with activity.
Some of the best bars, restaurants, and discotheques are located here, and party animals are known to jive well past midnight. So make hay when the sun shines.

Last but not least, the island annually hosts the XLSIOR Festival, one of the top summer gay festivals worldwide and a unique holiday experience.

The clubs that are located at Super Paradise and Paradise beaches also host major events and are frequented by the LGBTQ+ community. Jackie O' Bar in Town and Jackie O' Seaside in Super Paradise beach are maybe the most famous gay bars on the island.

LGBTQ+ Hotels

The burgeoning growth of gay tourism has brought a sea change in the attitude of the booming hospitality sector of Mykonos. Instead of looking down upon gay tourists, the quintessential hoteliers have been quick to adapt themselves and, as a result, almost all hotels in Mykonos are LGBTQ+ -friendly. That is a lovely gesture and is hugely appreciated by the international LGBTQ+ community.
Regarding recommendations, Mykonos is home to Elysium, which is an exclusively gay hotel located in the main town. Other gay-friendly accommodation options include Theoxenia Boutique Hotel, Kouros Hotel & Suites, and Andronikos Hotel.
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LGBTQ+ Beaches

Like the hotel industry, the beaches became LGBTQ+-friendly. Among the most popular LGBTQ+-friendly beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise and Elia. Elia beach is easily accessible by hired cabs or motorbikes. There is even a regular bus service linking Elia Beach to Town.

Music ranges from techno and hip-hop to house and the food in the numerous beachside bars is exotic and tasty.
However, if you prefer isolation and seclusion, you would do well to venture to some of the lesser-known beaches, like Lia and Panormos.

Mykonos, with its exhilarating mix of climate, landscape, legends, and folklore together, casts an irresistible spell that will forever captivate you!