Milos Things to Do

What to do in Milos, Greece? Milos is a beautiful island. Even if it is not as famous as other Cycladic islands like Santorini and Mykonos, there are plenty of great things to do in Milos: from casual strolls in the picturesque villages and unwindings on its glimmering beaches to interesting archaeological site, local taverns and bars that keep all visitors sated and pleased.
Without further due, let’s dive into the amazing, lively summertime on Milos!

We are thrilled to guide you through the possibilities you can pick from while visiting Milos and to help you organize your to-do list in order to enjoy the island at its fullest.

Discover the best things to do in Milos

  • Explore Klima, the fishing village
    Category: Villages
    Klima is among the most picturesque fishing villages of Milos. The village is characterized by the “syrmata”, the fishermen's houses that are carved into the rocks and have bright coloured wooden doors.
  • Visit Sarakiniko rock formations
    Category: Beaches
    Sarakiniko is one of the most impressive areas of Milos. It is characterized by amazing photogenic white rock formations and also offers a beautiful little beach surrounded by this amazing scenery.
  • Tour to the Sea Caves
    Category: Sightseeing
    There are 3 areas where you can visit sea caves in Milos: Papafrangas, Sykia, and Kleftiko. While some are accessible by car, the Kleftiko caves can only be reached with a day tour excursion.
  • Swim at Tsigrado Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Tsigrado is a tiny sandy beach and one of the most exotics on the island of Milos. The access is difficult and visitors have to pass through a rocky passage and climb down a ladder in order to reach it. The surroundings are impressive.
  • Unique stays at a fisherman’s house
    Category: Hotels
    If you are looking for a special place for your stay in Milos, don’t miss to check availability in the few fisherman’s houses available at some of the most picturesque seaside villages on the islands.
  • Stroll around Plaka village
    Category: Villages
    Plaka is the capital of Milos and one of those charming white-painted Cycladic villages. The village offers some amazing views, some beautiful churches, restaurants, coffee shops and bars.
  • Stay at a boutique hotel
    Category: Hotels
    Discover our selection with the best hotels & accommodation in Milos as well as information about the best locations to choose your stay, in the picturesque villages or near some of the most amazing beaches.
  • Views & Sunset from Kastro
    Category: Villages
    The area of Kastro is in fact the highest point of Plaka village. The spot is characterized by the beautiful church of Prophet Elias and offers amazing views over the Aegean sea and one of the most photogenic sunsets in Greece.
  • Take an organized Tour
    Category: Tours & Activities
    Taking a tour is a must on the island. The island offers organized or private tours to the sea caves, remote beaches and fishing villages. Also, bus tours, geological tours and many sea activities are offered.
  • Excursion to Gerakas Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Gerakas is one of the most impressive beaches of Milos and can only be reached with a tour boat. This is a unique experience as the beach is surrounded by big rocky and sandy cliffs of incomparable beauty.
  • Dinner at Astakas Restaurant
    Category: Restaurants
    Astakas is one of the restaurants of Milos with the most amazing settings, on the beachfront of the picturesque village of Klima. It offers fresh fish and seafood, a romantic atmosphere and views of the breathtaking sunset.
  • Enter the Catacombs
    Category: Sightseeing
    The catacombs of Milos are one of the most important archeological findings. It consists of 3 interconnected spaces that were used to bury the dead in Ancient Greece. Later on, they were used as hidden Christian churches.
  • Coffee with a view at Utopia
    Category: Cafe
    Utopia cafe is a beautiful place to have a good coffee while enjoying the amazing views of the Aegean sea. It offers a comfortable terrace and is located in the village of Plaka. You can also enjoy evening cocktails.
  • Don't miss the Geological tour
    Category: Tours & Activities
    Milos is an island with volcanic activity and its soil is extremely rich in minerals. In fact, Milos is an open geological museum with some impressive places to visit.
  • Discover the Ancient Theater
    Category: Sightseeing
    The Ancient Theatre is located next to the catacombs, in the area of Tripiti. It was built during the Hellenistic period and used to host festivals. It is still used today for some cultural events.
  • Cocktail with a view at Akri Bar
    Category: Bars
    Located in Adamas, Akri is considered among the best places to enjoy a good cocktail with a view. The place is located above the port, at an elevated position and has several verandas for you to relax with a good drink.
  • Hop to Kimolos island
    Category: Nearby islands
    Kimolos is a beautiful and unspoiled Cycladic island located just next to Milos. It offers some amazing white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque villages. There are hotels and restaurants.
  • Sail around the island
    Category: Tours & Activities
    Discover the beauty of the island of Milos from the sea a day cruise on a sailing boat. Discover the sea caves, the picturesque villages and swim in some secret spots.
  • Have fun at the beach
    Category: Sports
    Enjoy a day at the beach and practice some sea activities like waterski and wakeboard. The watersport center is located in Paleochori and is easily accessible by car and bus.
  • Relax at Firiplaka Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Firiplaka is one of the most impressive beaches on Milos, just next to Tsigrado beach and cannot be missed. It is a long sandy beach with crystal waters surrounded by beautiful rock cliffs.
  • Attend a summer festival
    Category: Festivals & Events
    You can’t enjoy the Greek summer at its fullest without attending a traditional festival. The most important takes place on August 15th at Zefuria and includes traditional dances, music, local wine and delicacies.
  • Take a Sea Canoeing tour
    Category: Sports
    Don’t miss a tour with a sea kayak! It offers you the possibility to experience and discover Milos in a unique way: caves, sea tunnels, hidden beaches and more.. The tours are organized by highly recommended professionals.
  • Shopping therapy & Souvenirs
    Category: Shopping
    After the beach and before dinner, do not miss to visit the little shops of Milos. There are several little shops in every village offering local products, clothes, jewelry, artifacts, local creations, souvenirs and more.
  • Take a Scuba Diving session
    Category: Sports
    Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the underwater scenes of Milos. The island offers some spots and protected coves of unique beauty, and a unique diving experience will be offered to you.
  • Take a Windsurfing Course
    Category: Sports
    The main windsurfing spots in Milos are Papakino and Achivadolimni, with good winds in summer.
  • Yoga sessions
    Category: Wellness
    Unleash your senses through practicing Yoga in the amazing scenery of Milos.
  • Get married!
    Category: Other
    Get married in one of the most spectacular islands of Greece.