Milos Things to Do

We have compiled a list of the Best Things to Do in Milos, which can help you create your vacation itinerary. Below, you will find everything you must see and do while in Milos, including beaches, activities, places to visit, tours, and more.

In brief, the top places to visit are the traditional fishing villages like Klima, where you can stay in a Syrma House. The lunar Sarakiniko beach is the utter destination for swimming and sunbathing.
Regarding experiences, the best thing to do is to participate in a boat tour to Kleftiko.

Open the table of contents to see our 20+ proposals at a glance.

Visit Klima & more fishing villages

1. Visit Klima & more fishing villages

Category: Villages

Located near Plaka, Klima is one of the most picturesque places to see in Milos.
It is a little settlement, built right in front of the sea and inhabited by the fishermen of the island.
The reason why it is so popular is its traditional houses. These houses are called syrmata, they have been carved into the rocks and stand out for their distinctive colorful doors and balconies.
In the past, they used to be fishermen’s residences and they also had garages where they would park their boats during the winter. Today, many of them have been converted into nice little houses to rent by the sea.
Besides the lovely houses that are unique on the island, the village also offers amazing sunset views.
Visiting a seaside fishermen's village must be added to the top of your list of things to do.

If you enjoyed visiting Klima, make sure to check out some of the island’s other fishermen's villages, such as Fourkovouni, Mandrakia and Areti.

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2. Explore the lunar Sarakiniko

Category: Beaches

For an out-of-this-earth experience, make sure you see the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko in person.
Sarakiniko is a beach like no other and certainly one of the most beautiful ones not only in Milos but in the entire country.
Its unique rock formations have volcanic origins. The combination of unusually white rocks, white sand and clear turquoise waters create a lunar landscape that is a rare sight.
For the more adventurous visitors, there are some good jumping and diving spots from a high point above the sea.
Sarakiniko is an unspoiled area, with no sun umbrellas, loungers, or other similar comforts. However, it is located in a convenient location that can easily be accessed by car or bus.
Due to the lack of facilities, It is better to carry water, snacks and other necessities with you.
We recommend visiting it in the early morning or afternoon to avoid the burning sun and the crowds.
Its wild beauty is a must-see!

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Stay at a Sirma house

3. Stay at a Syrma house

Category: Hotels

If you fell in love with the colorful fishermen’s houses at Klima and are looking for an unconventional place to stay we have some great news for you!
It is absolutely possible to stay in a syrma house and spend your vacation right by the sea. We believe that this is the absolute island experience and must be added to the top of your to-do list.
There are about 10 little houses that have been turned into apartments and guesthouses and are available for this purpose.
All of them face the sea and have been beautifully decorated with traditional furniture and ornaments to offer an authentic island experience.

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Kleftiko & the Sea caves

5. Take a tour of Kleftiko & the Sea caves

Category: Sightseeing

Kleftiko is one of the three locations where you can find the famous Caves of Milos (with the other two being Papafragas and Sykia).
The rocky landscape of the sea caves and enormous cliffs contrasting with the transparent blue-green waters that invite you to dive in make Kleftiko the most popular and most visited place on the island.
If you’re planning to go to Kleftiko while you’re in Milos, the best option is to opt for one of the organized boat trips and cruises available. In that way, you can combine Kleftiko with other inaccessible locations and dive right into the crystal clear waters to swim around and explore the caves and volcanic rock formations!

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Stay at a boutique hotel

6. Explore the island with your own car

Category: Transportation

Milos is not a big island but has numerous beaches and villages that are worthy of a visit. Renting a car may be optional but it will surely make your stay on the island more convenient while it will offer you the opportunity for better exploration. Also, if your hotel is not centrally located, then a car is definitely needed in order to move around.
Book your car with us! We offer the best rates on the market!

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Tsigrado Beach

7. Enjoy the sun and waters at Tsigrado Beach

Category: Beaches

Tsigrado is a beautiful remote beach located in the southern part of Milos.
The only way to get there on foot is quite difficult and dangerous! You will have to climb a ladder all the way down a steep cliff and even pass through a hole in the rock, supported by one single rope.
On top of the cliff, you will find a sign stating that “The descent to the beach is at your own risk”. If you’re longing for adventure and are willing to accept the challenge, you will certainly love the experience and the clear blue waters and silky sand of the beach will be an excellent reward.
However, if you’re not so fond of the idea of taking such a risky path, no worries!
Thankfully, the beach can also be approached from the seaside by boat and you will find many organized boat tours that will take you there safely and comfortably.

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Stroll around Plaka village

8. Stroll around Plaka village

Category: Villages

Plaka is the beautiful capital of Milos. It is a picturesque village with typical Cycladic architecture, constructed in 1800.
Strolling through its narrow paved alleys between little whitewashed houses with blue-tinted window shutters, you will encounter several lovely spots, including traditional restaurants and taverns, cafes, bars, and shops.
There are numerous flowers and plants that flourish on every corner in ceramic pots or tiny gardens and add a touch of color to the white and blue landscape.
While you’re in Plaka, don’t forget to visit the Sand Museum and the Archaeological Museum where there is a replica of one of the world’s most famous statues in the world, Venus de Milo. The sculpture was discovered in Klima and is now exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Swim at best beaches on the island

9. Swim at the best beaches on the island

Category: Beaches

Milos is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and has some of the best beaches in Greece.
Sand or pebbles, jumping spots or beach loungers, tranquility or accessibility, no matter what your preferences and priorities are, you will certainly find the type of beach you enjoy the most in Milos.
We have selected 6 out of the 40+ beaches on the island to help you get a sense of them:
Papafragas is one of the island’s most unique locations. It resembles a natural pool that is enclosed by huge imposing rocks. A cave will lead you to the small sandy beach where you can swim in between the rocks. Forming a natural arch, a hole in the rocks creates a narrow passage that connects the waters of Papafragas with the rest of the sea.
Alogomadra is a beautiful, narrow beach covered with thin sand. Its light blue waters are clear and calm and you will definitely enjoy swimming there. The seaside cliff right above the beach forms a wide cave where you can sit in the shade.
Gerakas is one of the most impressive places to visit in Milos. A massive cliff with horizontal layers of rocks right above the golden beach makes the landscape seem exceptionally wild and beautiful.
• Located on the northern side of the island, Plathiena beach is a remote and peaceful spot where you can swim or sunbathe undisrupted. Although it can be easily accessed by car or boat, it is not very popular and therefore remains unspoiled. We advise you to carry water and snacks.
• Another great option is to visit Thiorichia beach and experience the history of the island first-hand by swimming right next to the old sulfur mines that have been closed and left to decay since the 1960s. The abandoned buildings and rusty wagons, mining tools, and tracks will take you back to the island’s past. The soil there is rich in minerals, resulting in a small beach covered with unusual red or bright yellow sand and pebbles.
• The little beachfront houses at Firopotamos will probably remind you of the syrmata in Klima. On the small sandy beach, there are several trees that offer shade from the sun. On the rocks next to the beach, there is the little whitewashed chapel of Agios Nikolaos and the ruins of a very old building.

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View the best sunset from Kastro

10. View the best sunset from Kastro

Category: Villages

Built on top of the hill, Plaka offers some breathtaking views of the Gulf of Milos and the splendid Cycladic sunsets that can be enjoyed from the remnants of the old Venetian castle.
If you climb up there just before the golden hour you will avoid the afternoon heat and will be rewarded with a panoramic image of the sun diving into the Aegean Sea. It’s a win-win!
The little white chapel of Panagia Thalassitra which is located there makes the landscape even more photogenic.
A sunset at Plaka is one of the most romantic settings you could ask for!

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Have a romantic seafood dinner

11. Have a romantic seafood dinner

Category: Restaurants

Finding top-quality food in Milos won’t be a hard task. If you’re into seafood delicacies, you will find a wide variety of restaurants and taverns to choose from on the island.
An excellent option is Astakas Restaurant, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner right next to the fishermen’s houses of Klima, with the sea at your feet. The place is so popular you may need to make a reservation in advance. Try out some fresh fish and have a glass of local wine or ouzo while enjoying the view!

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Visit the Ancient Theatre & the Catacombs

12. Visit the Ancient Theatre, the Catacombs and more sights

Category: Sightseeing

The history of Milos dates back to Ancient Greece. The ancient inhabitants of the island left behind some archeological sites of great historical significance that you can see in person upon visiting the island.
In addition to the Archaeological Museum located in Plaka village, we highly recommend visiting the Ancient Theatre of Tripiti, which was built by the Romans during the Hellenistic Period.
Even though the theatre’s glory days are long gone, since the passage of centuries and exposure to all sorts of weather conditions caused significant damage to it, the area is still being used to this day for various cultural events organized by the locals.
In Tripiti you will also find the famous underground Catacombs of Milos, constructed sometime during the late 1st century AD and discovered in 1844.
The Catacombs are quite complex in terms of architecture, with hallways and interconnected death chambers. They have been used as Christian tombs during Roman times.
The lights, barrel vaults, arches and humidity create a somewhat spooky atmosphere that will make you temporarily forget the bright Cycladic landscape.

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Don't miss the Geological tour

13. Don't miss the Geological tour

Category: Tours

Being an exclusively volcanic island, Milos is considered an open-air geology museum by many.
The volcanic activity altered the morphology of the island throughout the years and shaped it into its current form, with its famous caves, steep cliffs, and impressive rock formations.
The soil, rich in sulfur, iron, bentonite, and various other types of minerals, has been contributing to the local economy since ancient times.
The best way to get a better understanding of the geology and topography of the island and find out about its long mining history is by participating in an organized Geological Tour.
The tour starts at Pollonia village but there is a transfer service from other villages available if needed. You will get to visit the Mining Museum, the salt fields and Firiplaka Crater, the sulfur mines and the Aggeria mines and mineral factory.

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Day visit to Kimolos islet

14. Day visit to Kimolos island

Category: Nearby islands

One of the best things about the Cyclades is that the islands of the complex are located very close to one another. That means you get to see two islands at once if you want to!
Located only a few miles away from Milos, Kimolos island is a great choice if you’re considering exploring a few extra non-organized beaches.
You can easily get there by boat from Pollonia village.
The landscape of Kimolos is very similar to that of Milos, including particularly transparent waters, bizarre rock formations, natural arches and little white houses carved into the rocks.
It was named after the Greek word for chalk (kimolia) because of its white rocks and sand, similar to that of Kleftiko and Sarakiniko in Milos.
There is only one village and a few smaller settlements on the island. The main village is called Chorio and it is the capital of Kimolos. It is a picturesque place with lovely alleys and a few important landmarks such as the ruins of an old castle, an Archeological Museum, and the Folklore and Maritime Museum that will introduce you to the local history and culture.
A day trip is always a good idea!

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Take a Sea Canoeing tour

15. Take a Sea Canoeing tour

Category: Sports

Milos is an island with many inaccessible spots worth visiting, such as secluded beaches and sea caves.
In order to not miss these uniquely beautiful spots, we thought that canoeing would be a good choice.
Take part in an organized sea kayak tour and explore the island’s most geologically interesting areas and quietest beaches!

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Cafe I kivotos ton Gefseon

16. Visit "I Kivotos ton Gefseon" cafe

Category: Cafe

When you’re done strolling around the coastal village of Pollonia, drop by I Kivotos ton Gefseon to try out some local products and enjoy your breakfast, brunch, or lunch.
It is a very welcoming place, with a chilled-out atmosphere and traditional decor. Their menu consists of local desserts, homemade pies, and other delicious treats and you can also load up on your favorite traditional products including but not limited to jam, wine, honey, pickles, and sun-dried tomatoes.

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Take an organized Tour

17. Take an organized Tour

Category: Tours

Taking an organized tour is the best way to discover all the magical settings in Milos.
Boat tours and cruises that will show you around the island are available and ready to offer you the privilege of seeing some of the island’s most interesting hidden places.
These tours will take you to the best-secluded parts of Milos, including amazing and totally unspoiled beaches as well as spots where you can admire the island’s unique geological formations along the coast from the seaside.
If you would like to get more active, some of the tours involve swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, while there is a hiking option in case you would like to explore the island’s mainland.
Check out our wide selection of tours and find the one that suits you the most!

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Coffee with a view at Utopia

18. Coffee with views at Utopia

Category: Cafe

The terrace of Utopia is one of the most popular places on the island where people gather to watch the most mesmerizing views of the sunset over the Aegean Sea.
The cafe is located on a high point in the area of Plaka and offers evening coffee, cocktails, and snacks in a place with a truly amazing atmosphere.
If you arrive later at night, it is likely that you will have the opportunity to gaze at the stars and the moon while enjoying your drink.

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Cocktail with a view at Akri Bar

19. Cocktail with a view at Akri Bar

Category: Bars

The traditionally designed Akri bar is another place famous for its wonderful views that come with tasty drinks.
It is located on a high point above the port of Adamas and is a common meeting point among those who are chasing the sunset.
Its lovely Cycladic atmosphere can also be enjoyed at night time.
This is certainly one of the best places to visit in Milos, not only for its magnificent views but also for its cocktails and good music.

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Have fun at the beach

20. Have fun at the beach

Category: Sports

Enjoy a day at the well-organized beach of Paleochori and experience the excitement that a session of watersports has to offer!
You can easily get to the watersport center by car or bus and choose your favorite activity from a wide selection.
Waterski, wakeboarding and kayaking are only some of the options available.

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Attend a summer festival

21. Attend a summer festival

There is no better way to have an authentic experience of the Greek summer than joining the locals in their most fun annual celebrations.
The biggest traditional festivals are usually organized on the occasion of religious celebrations.
The most important one takes place on August 15th at Zefiria, while another great option is the festival of Milos, which starts on the first weekend of July and involves various cultural events, exhibitions, and other happenings. The religious festivals involve traditional music, dancing and tons of local food and wine.

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Shopping therapy & Souvenirs

22. Shopping therapy & Souvenirs

Category: Shopping

Go souvenir shopping so that you can take a piece of Milos with you when you go back home!
In every village, you will come across numerous little shops and boutiques that may sell handmade souvenirs, local products, clothes, jewelry, and much more.
Stop by after a long day at the beach and spoil yourself or get gifts for your loved ones!

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Take a Scuba Diving session

23. Take a Scuba Diving session

Category: Sports

Discover the well-hidden underwater secrets lying on the seabed of Milos with a scuba diving session!
These sessions offer all the equipment and guidance you need to explore the bottom of the sea, including the local marine life, underwater caves, shipwrecks and the unique geology of this volcanic island.
There are a few diving centers that organize professional and safe diving sessions and if you decide to take part, an experience you will remember for a lifetime is guaranteed!

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24. Visit "Milos, Friends of the Animals"

Milos Friends of the Animals was founded in 1987. The main goal of the group is to help stray animals in Milos who suffer.
Vaccinations, sterilizations and hospitality until their adoption are their main objectives.
Visit their website:


But that's not all! There are a lot more things to do; from amazing centers for sailing to stylish bars and more.
We invite you to explore even more options that the island has to offer: