Kimolos is a small island next to Milos Cyclades. Although it is located very close to a popular Greek island, Kimolos island maintains its pure nature and the calm ambiance. Famous for its lovely beaches with the crystal water, all activities are concentrated in Chorio, the only village on the island, and around the port. In fact, it is around the port that the most organized beach and the tourist facilities of the island are found. The other beaches can be reached on foot or by boat. They all have crystal water and relaxing atmosphere. The island can be visited for holidays or as a day trip from Milos. Ferries to Kimolos Greece depart daily from the port of Pollonia in Milos.


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Kimolos in Greece can be visited for short holidays or as a day trip from Milos. This is a small island with amazing beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Prassa, Agios Georgios, Kalamitsi are few of the most beautiful beaches in Kimolos, while the port beach is also nice and convenient for swimming. The port and the village are the only settlements in Kimolos, where all studios, taverns and shops are found. In general holidays in Kimolos are truly secluded and away from crowds.

The island of Kimolos is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. As this is a quiet and remote island, Kimolos holidays are totally private, with not many things to do. The only village and capital of Kimolos island is Chorio. Most activities and tourist facilities on the island are concentrated in Chorio and at the port. The beaches of Kimolos island are small and quiet, ideal for loneliners.

The beaches around the port get more popular with tourists, but as you far away from Chorio and the port, you will find more isolate beaches. Psathi is the most popular beach as it is right on the port. Aliki and Kalamitsi, on the southern side, also get frequented. If you are interested in more quiet coasts, try Agios Georgios on the northern side. This is an impressive beach with white sand and crystal water.

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