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Kimolos island is a volcanic island that belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. It is located quite close to Milos Island. Kimolos is one of the least known and not so popular islands, thus it not much frequented by tourists.

The highest point on this island is Mount Paleokastro. There are many mountains and natural caves here. Although not a tourist hot spot, Kimolos has a rich history behind. In the ancient days, Kimolos was the battlefield between Ancient Athens and Sparta. It was ruled by the Venetians and the Ottomans in the middle ages, until it became part of Greece in 1829, after the Greek War of Independence.

The island was known as Argentiera in the Middle Ages, because of the silver colored rocky lands in its southern coast. Agriculture and farming are the primary activity for the residents living on Kimolos. Despite some developments that took place in the early 1990s, the island has a sparse population, especially in winter.

The name Kimolos derives from the Greek word kimolia, which means chalk. A white-silver quality of perlite, which is a kind of volcanic glass, and chalk are found in large quantities on Kimolos. On the southeast of the island, there are three other small islands which are uninhabited.

Tourism is gradually on the rise in Kimolos because of the tranquility prevailing all around, the beautiful beaches and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Aliki, Klima, Kalamitsi, and Livadaki are some of the most beautiful beaches of Kimolos. The ruined Venetian castle, the necropolis at Psathi village and the remains of some ancient tombs near Kambana beach are some of the places worth visiting in this island.

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4 Reviews
  • sophiel12 21 Jul 2011
    Place for cool vacations
    With its traditional character, the whitewashed houses and the great architecture, Kimolos is a place to enjoy peaceful vacations. A stroll around Chorio, the capital of the island, got us closer to the locals. Mostly the old people were standing in front of their doors and chat with their neighbors. There were very few cars, mostly bicycles and scooters. Small shops with decorated colorful doors, traditional cafeterias full of young people were scenes from the daily setting in Kimolos.

    When you see the main village take the road that lead you to the beaches. Alyki, Kalamitsi, Bonatsa and Mavrospilia are worth a dive. For those who are not fond of the usual organized beaches, they will definitely love these small coves covered with volcanic rocks. Within a close distance from the beach, you will find one of the most peaceful taverns in the area serving Cycladic delicacies and homemade recipes.
  • christen34 07 Mar 2010
    Picturesque summer life
    We learnt last minute about Kimolos and tried to book a room but we found only a couple of hotels on the Internet and still they didn't answer our requests, so we went only for a day. There are four ferries going to and back from Kimolos. Ferries leave from Pollonia and from their open deck we could see the gulls flying above you and cathing fish in the sea! How lovely summer pictures!!

    The port of Kimolos is small and has beautiful cafes and fish taverns. We swam in front of the port and later we walked half an hour to Chorio, the only village on the island. This is one of the typical islands of Cyclades and I don't know how each village seems so different at the same time!

    In the afternoon, everyone was sleeping. No man would walk on the streets. It was just us and the hot sun! But at about 6 o'clock, it was like all people went out of their homes. Old men were drinking coffee in the square, grandmas were going swimming with the children and other chidlren were playing in the small streets and squares on the village. God, how picturesque life can be in Greece! Summer without a trip to Greece is like lost summer...
  • joan_c 06 Nov 2009
    Try traditional dishes
    Kimolos is a volcanic and mountainous small island very popular mostly with Greeks, not foreigners. The village was built hidden by a cliff sicne the ancient times to avoid the often pirates attacks and it is so dazzling white that it is not strange at all the name Kimoloswhich means chalk in Greek.

    Don't except to see too much. On Kimolos, there is mainly for rest, sunbathing and swimming. It is not famous for any enormous bays but you can enjoy the Mavrospilia, the desolate beach Aliki with sand and pebbles and rocky Goupa ideal for plunges.

    For more beaches simply take the small boat to the tiny island of Polyegos, otherwise you can go to daily excursions to Milos. Regarding nightlife, you will find few, quiet bars in Psathi and in Chora but the locals frequently organize panigiria with songs and dance and you are always welcome to join them!

    Try definitely Ladenia, a short of traditional pizza with tomato and onions. All taverns in Kimolos are wonderful and have great traditional dishes.
  • eliza20 09 Aug 2009
    My true and favourite paradise
    My grandmother lives in Kimolos so we go almost every summer. This is one of the favourite islands and I believe this is not only I have roots there. I literally know every stone on Kimolos, every path, every ruined wall. Our house is very close to the square and in the evening we see the children playing and cycling, while their grandparents sit in the traditional coffee houses. People are walking up and down and from the highest point of Chorio you see in the evening the small boats at the port, with their tiny lights. This is such a romantic picture! The most characteristic thing about Kimolos is the clean water. Every beach has so crystal and blue green water that you can see the bottom of the sea! No seaweeds, nothing! My best beach is Agios Georgios, it has unbelievably white and soft sand. There are no taverns or hotels around, so it is very quiet and beautiful, especially if you go early in the morning when there are not many people. Kalamitsi is also very nice and the wind is not strong there, as it can be on the western side of Kimolos.