Kimolos Architecture

The architecture of Kimolos portrays a traditional nobility that follows the authentic Cycladic architecture style, one of the most popular architectural styles in Greece. A visit to Kimolos Chorio, the capital of this island, reveals a plethora of whitewashed stone houses and many old buildings which remain a strong reminiscence of the past. With respect to the traditional style, Kimolos houses are built with strong white walls, narrow wooden windows, and flat roofs. Narrow paths and hundreds of small arcades and churches make up the unique character of this island.

Kimolos island counts on many churches which are also worth admiring like the one of Panagia Evagelistria, Panagia Odigitria and Agios Taxiarchis built the 16th century. At the highest point of the island lies the ruined fortified Kastro which maintains memories from the years of the Venetian occupation and receives many visitors for its historical significance.

Within and outside its strong walls, the settlement of Chorio is developed. Lovely yards with beautiful flowers portray the Aegean atmosphere and adorn the entire island while a romantic walk through the archways and the narrow paths will fascinate you. Relics of a round tower and prehistoric wall can still be seen there.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional Cycladic architecture.