Milos Kastro

General information

Kastro Village Milos: Kastro is the highest spot of Plaka, the capital of Milos. This settlement was actually the old town of Milos and it was surrounded by castle walls in the Medieval times for protection.
Due to these castle walls, the village was called Kastro. Constructed on top of the hill of Prophet Elias, its location made it possible in the Medieval times to observe the Aegean Sea for pirates and enemy attacks.

Kastro distinguishes for its Medieval architecture with the stone houses, the paved paths and the lovely houseyards. Two nice churches are found in Kastro, the church of Panagia Thalassistra with beautiful icons and the church of Panagia Shiniotissa, or Mesa Panagia as it is called because it is located inside the castle walls.

From the top of Kastro, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking experience: do not miss the famous sunset of Milos with the red-orange sun dipping into the Aegean Sea. The view to the sea and the rest of the island is also fabulous.

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