Milos Kastro

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Kastro Village in Milos is located on the highest point of Plaka village, the capital of Milos, and used to be the island’s old town. Kastro literally means castle, and got its name from the Venetian castle that used to stand in this area, the only proof of the presence of the Venetians on the island. Remnants of the castle walls can still be seen today when walking up the hill to reach the top. It provided an excellent location to observe possible enemy and pirate attacks, as it is situated so high.

There are still a few houses in the Kastro area, even though it is not largely inhabited. When the population started increasing, the settlement started moving lower towards what is today’s Plaka.

On the hill, one will discover two beautiful churches. On the top lies Panagia Skiniotissa or Mesa Panagia, and nearby is the larger Panagia Thalassitra, built as a protector for sailors. Both churches are dedicated to the Virgin Mary and are built according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style.

There are several paths available to reach the top. It might take some time to walk up to the highest point, but the incredible view is certainly rewarding. Visitors are able to admire a panoramic view of the whole island and its magical beaches, especially magical during sunset.

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