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Plaka Village Milos: Plaka is the present capital of Milos, and was founded in 1800. The village spreads on the sides of the hill of the area, uniting the villages of Plakes, Triovassalos, Pera Triovassalos and Tripiti. The village has a traditional Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed houses, coloured windows and doors, balconies full of flowers and greenery and narrow white streets.

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From Plaka one can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Milos. Plaka began to develop after the destruction of Ancient Hora, when the increasing number of refugees could not fit within the walls of Kastro. The new village was built from material brought by the new settlers from their ancient houses and the ruined city. It was named Plaka because the land on which it was built was really flat (plaka means flat stone). In this lovely village, visitors can see some nice old churches as well as a folk and an archaeological museum.

Hotels in Plaka

Aretis Home

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Built in the picturesque area of Plaka, Aretis home is a fully equipped Cycladic house with a spacious interior and great facilities. This is a great place to stay in Milos if you want to combine a calm atmosphere with the convenience of having all the local facilities at a short distance.


Chaido Studios

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Decorated in earthy tones and having a traditional Cycladic atmosphere, Chaido Studios offer accommodation with stunning sea views in Tripiti. The home-like atmosphere at the complex is enhanced by a lush green garden and each studio comes with its own kitchen and living room.


Halara Studios

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Built on a hill and overlooking the sea, Halara Studios offer accommodation accompanied by one of the most impressive Aegean Sea views in the area of Plaka. The studios are well-equipped, with a variety of amenities, as well as private kitchenettes for autonomous meal preparation.


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4 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 07 Nov 2015
    The best village on Milos
    Plaka may not be THAT excellent, but when you have in mind that Milos itself is not touristically developed, Plaka is the place with most joy.
    - It has wonderful and absolutely magnificent view over Milos
    - View, view, did I say view?
    - Two museums (Archaeological, Folklore)
    - The most non-industrial souvenir shops are here
    - Nice architecture, typical for old towns in this area, with flowers and colourful streets, although small

    The things is that it is small. It takes you ten minutes to walk around the beautiful part, ten minutes for each museum... but ok.

    Tripiti and catacombs, ancient theatre, ancient Milos and Klima are near, within normal walking distance.

    Eating was small problem, because we somehow got back several times on the most famous restaurant there, although not perfect, because we didn't know where else to go. The other one we tried was so horrible that we decided - no more experiments :)
  • ablutsauger 06 Nov 2015
    Small and cute
    You'll probably pass million times next to this museum while in Plaka, so why not visit it?
    The museum is relatively small but full of items used in everyday-life of citizens of Milos.
    The "warmest" part of the concept is that the articles were donated by regular people - clothes, machines, irons, stools... old things they had in their houses, boxes, basements... and it makes it look domestic and common.
  • ablutsauger 05 Nov 2015
    Small and informative
    To be short - the museum is very very small, with very few exhibits, and you won't need more than 15 mins to pass through it. However, there is a lot of historical information in English, so you can enjoy in educating yourself, because we usually skip reading longer stories in bigger museums.
  • patrinlove 27 Aug 2008
    Not for the young
    Plaka is the capital of Milos but it is actually not much developed. I thought Adamas was more appropriate for tourists. Plaka is nice to go for a walk and have a coffee. But there are no big bars to have fun, just some pubs spread here and there. It has some places to stay, but I would advice you to choose somewhere close to the beach and especially if you are young and crazy for nightlife.