Milos Marmara Sand Museum

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Location: Plaka
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Located in Plaka village, the Marmara Sand Museum of Milos is a fascinating sand museum and shop founded by a passionate geologist.

As Milos was created due to intense volcanic activity, it now showcases unique rock formations full of distinctive minerals and other materials. After centuries of erosion and weathering, along with influences by the flowing water, these rocks have taken the form of sand. The color of the grains depends on their composition, while the different names of sand are inspired by the prevalent rock or mineral it includes.

The museum has four different functions. Firstly, there is the sand museum, where visitors have the opportunity to see a wide variety of sand samples from all over the world acquired by the founder. In the laboratory, one can observe the different grains under the microscope in order to obtain a better picture and understanding.

Compelling art pieces made of sand are set up in the gallery, while guests have the chance to purchase handmade souvenirs, such as paintings, candles and even lamps.

Admission to the museum and gallery is free of charge.

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