Milos Aggeria Mines

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Location: Agioi Anargyroi

The mine of Aggeria was founded in 1968 and has been operating nonstop since then.
It is open to the public, allowing you to have an extraordinary hiking experience if you decide to visit.
It is one of the biggest and most impressive bentonite mines in the world, offering a unique opportunity to admire the island's unique geological background.

Aggeria Mine covers the area from Agia Irini church to Koufi and is 700 m wide. The distance between these two points is 2.5 km.
The most spectacular part of the mine is situated in its center, where you will find a designated observation point that provides an amazing view of the landscape. From there, you will get to see colorful layered geological formations with volcanic origins that are many thousands of years old, with hues ranging from red, yellow and brown to blue and green. You may also be able to spot fossilized organisms on some rocky surfaces.
A rainwater lake has also been formed at the bottom of the mine and its waters are used for cleaning purposes.

Bentonite is mined during the warm months of the year when the land is dry and bulldozers are used for the excavation.
It has various uses and is commonly found in everyday life objects, from building materials to clay and cosmetics. It is also used for the discoloration of various materials and the clarification of alcoholic beverages due to its absorption properties.

Greece exports nearly 1 million tons of bentonite per year and the mines of Milos alone make up approximately 10% of the world's total bentonite production.



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